Thursday, April 26, 2012

Manicure: Total Fail

Today I am sharing with you a manicure that is pretty much a total fail.  I was thinking sand meets beach water but it didn't come out looking like what I had hoped so it didn't even last twenty-four hours on my nails.
After applying a base coat, I started out with two coats of a no name Markwins nail polish in a frosty bronze shade.  It was quite disappointing on its own and that's pretty much where this manicure starts to go downhill.  On a nail wheel, I tried putting one coat of Wet N Wild Fast Dry nail polish in Blue Wants to be a Millionaire over the bronze.  It looked great!  But when I applied it on my actual nails, I had trouble getting it even so I thought a beachy look would be fun.  I applied a second coat of the fun blue semi-holographic glitter on the tips to try to make a gradient sort of effect.  FAIL.  I should have tried sponging it on instead of brushing or something because it just didn't go on evenly and ended up looking like a kid did my nails.  Boo.
The only thing that I think could have saved this pathetic nail art mess would have been the flip flop stamp (yet to be released) from Bundle Monster.  Then it would have covered some of my gradient sins and how cute would this mani be with flip flops?!?  I definitely plan on ordering this new set of plates from Bundle Monster as soon as they come out.  Maybe I'll try it again when I get my hands on the new plates!  Until then, I'll just drool over the new images on Bundle Monster's facebook page.  And also, how stinking cute are those owl images?  WANT!!