Monday, April 9, 2012

Manicure Monday: Twinkle

If you're looking for a great inexpensive color for spring and summer, then you should definitely check your Walmart for this lovely shade by Pure Ice.  The shade is Twinkle and it's a lovely coral-orange with tons of gold shimmer and it's super pretty!
This is two coats of Twinkle.  It applied very easily.  I could have probably gone with a third coat for even more opacity but I liked the way it looked with two.
My favorite part of this polish is that you get great color, great application, and you'll only spend about $1.99 for a bottle.  For that price, it's definitely worth a try!


  1. Its real great, first I thought its some kiind of fruit then I saw it closely and realised these are your pretty nails...Wonderful I should say...I try to find this color in the market and will update you accordingly..thanks anyways....

  2. If I use that for my nails it's very likely that I'll eat them. That color looks so good