Monday, April 16, 2012

Manicure Monday: Bare Minimum

This was the first nail polish I had ever tried from the ULTA brand and I was pretty impressed.  I got this as a free gift for accumulating a certain number of points on my Club at Ulta card and I wasn't disappointed.  The application was easy with just two coats that dried quickly but not too fast.  I removed this polish after three and a half days and at that time the only wear was a small amount of barely detectable tip wear.
The only thing I didn't really like about this polish was the way the color translated from the bottle to the nail but I think that also has a lot to do with my skintone.  In the bottle, this looks like a frosty gray-leaning taupe but on my nails it looked more like a sad, faded silver.  I think it might look better on someone with a darker skin tone than I have.  On my pasty skin, it looked rather unflattering.  I will definitely have to keep this line of polish in mind for the future, although I don't really feel that I would be willing to spend $6.00 a bottle unless the shade was really unique.


  1. I have a couple of Ulta polishes, only they are in a squared looking bottle with a typical cap--not the large, silver one you have. I wonder if they changed their formula or something. I got mine on clearance. I got a red and a dark blue. They are lovely colors, but the formula is pretty bad, at least for me. I have very short nails (as in, nearly non-existent), so there isn't much surface to polish. It makes polishing tough for me sometimes. This brand was really, really, really runny, and very hard to keep within the lines of my nails.

    Are the ones you pictured like that in consistency?

    I'm with you on other brands, though. You mention you like Sally Hansen Xtreme, and I love those. I've never encountered a bad one. I am also enjoying the Revlon nail polishes. Their Cherries in the Snow is the most perfect red for me.

    Thanks for the review! These always help me, especially since I know you are honest!


  2. I think the Ulta polishes you are talking about are a different line. The one I blogged about is from the Salon Formula line and I think the square bottles are from the Professional Line. Not sure how they compare, as this is the only Ulta polish I've ever tried. Don't think I'll be trying the Professional Line anytime soon though! Thanks for the heads up!