Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Mail Call

I was really excited to find this in the mail a few days ago.  I had been on the hunt for a thermal protection glove for quite awhile now.  I had seen one at Sally Beauty Supply for $5.49 and decided against buying it at the time.  Of course, a few days later, I had changed my mind and went back to pick it up.  They were sold out.  No problem, since the next day I was going to the other side of town with hubby anyway.  So we went to Sally there and they were sold out too!  After two more trips to my Sally (each time being promised the gloves would be in this day, then returning that day to find no gloves) I finally said screw it and ordered a glove from Amazon.  I was really pleased with the $7.97 price tag and the fact that shipping was free.  It also arrived really quickly.  Now I might actually be able to get some use out of my Conair Curling Wand!  Click here for the site I bought this glove from if you're interested.

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