Sunday, March 25, 2012

Pedicure: Pink and Purple

I painted my toes about two weeks ago and now that I'm getting ready to change my pedicure, I thought I should probably get around to posting the pictures.  This one was an okay look, but as you'll see, it wasn't the sort of thing I would like to leave on for a month.
I started out with two easy coats of a polish that I received as a gift for Christmas from one of the students in my class.  It was in a set of five no name polishes from Markwins, which is a shame because these have really turned out to be some amazing polishes.  The bottle said NBLA, but so did one of the other bottles in the set that was a different shade.  Anyway, this color is a lovely frosty Barbie pink.  I took pictures before I stamped just so you could see how lovely and girly this shade is on its own.  This was opaque at one coat but I used two for good measure.
Next, I stamped over each toe using Sally Hansen Insta-Dri in Grape Escape and Bundle Monster plate BM205.  There was the mistake.  I should have known that the full nail design would not be large enough for my big toe but I wanted to try it out at least once to be sure.  Now I'm sure.  Stick to smaller (or not full nail) designs for the toe.  The plate left a big gap on the one side (see photo below).  I could have tried double stamping but I'm just not that talented with the stamp yet.  I didn't really mind too much because I've still been wearing closed toe shoes but now that it's in the mid-eighties here in Florida, it's definitely time to change up the pedicure to something I like better.  I'm feeling orange right now so we'll see what I come up with for orange toes!

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