Thursday, March 1, 2012

Computer Issues, Braces & Pretty Things

I've been frustrated because yesterday and today I was without a computer.  The other day, my computer froze and when I hard shut it down, it pretty much refused to ever start again.  It's been giving me a very angry start up message and I tried but couldn't fix it on my own.  Today I broke down and took it to a repair shop.  I should hear back from them tomorrow but until then I won't be able to do much blogging or videos because all of my pictures and videos, along with the software for my cameras, is all on that computer.  I can borrow hubby's until I get mine back but the pictures and videos are currently unavailable to me and I might end up losing all of my files anyways. Until I get it back, I have an update for you on my braces, as well as a picture from my cell phone of some pretty things.  :)

I got my braces adjusted today and they hurt like crazy right now!!  That's because the orthodontist put a bracket on my left canine tooth!!!  Exciting but painful!  They are currently trying to pull it the rest of the way down into place, while also pulling from behind on the button to turn the tooth because it's at an angle.  So basically, they are pulling on that tooth from two different directions.  OUCH!  This is definitely one of the most painful adjustments I've ever had.  Additionally, they are still pulling on the right canine, which the orthodontist is hoping will make an appearance sometime this summer.  And the big news of the day is that at my next appointment on March 29th, I will be getting the bottom braces put on.  It kind of sucks for eating and flossing and life in general but it also means that my treatment is halfway over!  I'm very optimistic right now and I'm feeling so good about this whole process now that I can see that left canine moving into place.

Last, on a happy note, I have some pretty things to share with you.  I forgot that I had taken these pictures on my cell phone last week while perusing the aisles at Hobby Lobby.  Since I can't get any pictures from my computer or camera right now, my cell phone will have to do for today.  This is a storage chest in pink and zebra!  How cute and girly?!?  And 30% off!


  1. I was starting to miss your videos! Glad that your computer will be fixed. Any time I've had issues, I've had to replace the whole thing... Until Hubby got me a MacBook Pro for Christmas! I'll definitely be getting it repaired if it's ever needed... No way I'd replace this thing, I love it way too much!!!

    I'm glad to hear your mouth is making progress and you found some lovely pretties!


  2. The storage chest reminds me of my Allegro cosmetics bag