Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Blessing in Disguise

This is not a beauty post, but rather a post about my restored faith in humanity and my example of a blessing in disguise.  After a long day of teaching, I went out to my car to head home.  However, my car wouldn't start.  I went back into the office and found a friend and some jumper cables so I could be on my merry way.  But when we popped the hood, I knew something was wrong.  The plastic covering on my battery terminal looked half melted and there was green fuzzy looking crap oozing out of every edge.  Upon opening the plastic cap, the entire covering was filled with green corrosion.  Not good!  We set up the jumper cables but no surprise, the car wouldn't jump with all that corrosion.  By this time, one of the people in our school's neighborhood had gone to the auto shop next door and fetched the mechanic for me.  I was thinking to myself that I was about to get totally ripped off by some mechanic who knew I don't know anything about cars.

I was ready to cry just thinking about how much it was going to cost me to get my car fixed, especially considering that just a few weeks ago I shelled out several hundred dollars to get new tires on my car.  While at the shop getting the tires fixed, the mechanic informed me that I needed new shocks and struts, which together would run about $1,000.  After all this, now I was going to have to pay to get my battery and who knows what else fixed.

The mechanic scraped off some of the corrosion and we were able to jump the car but he then told me I needed to drive it next door to his auto shop because the battery terminal was so corroded it would need to be completely replaced.  I heard dollar signs as I pulled in.

The mechanic fixed my car as I chatted with his wife for about fifteen minutes while he fixed my terminal.  While chatting with his wife, I asked her for a quote on the work for the shocks and struts, thinking maybe I could get a better deal here.  After the mechanic fixed my terminal, he looked the car over, asked me a few questions about how it ran and told me that I actually don't need new shocks or struts at all.  WHAT?!?!  Surely this mechanic was fibbing!  But no, according to him, the other company was trying to milk me for all I was worth and there was nothing wrong with either my shocks or my struts.

Now for my next shock.  They refused to charge me for the battery terminal or the work to replace it!  I tried my best to pay, just happy that they had saved me $1,000 worth of unneeded work on my car but they refused.  They just told me to come back when I needed an oil change or other work done on my car.  They even offered to do the work on my car while I was at work and said they would pick up my keys from the front office of the school where I work and have it done before 3:00.

What started out as a frustrating and costly experience ended up saving me $1,000 and helping me to find a mechanic that may just be more trustworthy than the place I had gone just a few weeks before.  It gave me hope that there are still some honest businessmen in the world and was certainly a blessing in disguise.


  1. Wow That is awesome, what a nice guy!! It is truly hard to find a good mechanic, luckily I married one but it's nice to hear that you found one of the honest ones! You'd be surprised how much money we have saved, just having my husband do that work. Yes, it is time consuming for him, but we have saved THOUSANDS of dollars! Most work isn't really THAT expensive, and its sad sometimes that it is legal to misdiagnose a car with something, to an unknowing customer, misleading them just for pure profit!

    1. I know! It's awful but hopefully now I've found someone honest who I can take my car to when it actually does need to be fixed!