Thursday, February 16, 2012

Skincare: Generic or Brand Name?

I was getting ready for bed last night and as I went through my usual skincare routine, I realized that almost all of the products that I use are generic versions of name brand items.  I have generic Cetaphil, generic ProActiv, generic OXY, and generic Olay.  I am one of those people who believe that generic skincare items are just as good as brand name.  I get the results I want and save some money.

Then I looked at my husband's skincare products are realized that he is a stickler for name brand.  He swears there is a difference between the generics and his tried and true brand names, even at the drugstore.

Of course, there is no right or wrong answer to this question but I was curious about other people's opinion on the subject.  What about you?  When it comes to skincare, do you go for generic items or stick to brand name products?


  1. I'm kind of in the middle. About half of my routine products are generic, while the other half are name brand. I'm still working my way through my step 3 ProActiv treatment, but using the Equate "Faux"Activ and Up & Up's Cetaphil. I'm pretty attached to my L'Oreal Youth Code eye cream, but at CVS I found a 0.33oz tube for less than $6 while the full sized 0.5oz tube was retailing for over $19! I was bummed out that I didn't load up on those smaller sizes (a full ounce for less than half an ounce = a good deal in my mind!) and now I can't find them. I also use the Equate brand of Oil-Free Moisturizer (knock off of Neutrogena). Honestly, the only difference I see from name brand to generic is the eye cream. If Target or Wal-Mart come out with a generic of that L'Oreal eye cream, I'll certainly give it a try though!

  2. Most of my skincare is generic. I use an Equate blackhead scrub, the Equate version of the Proactiv cleanser, Walgreens aha cream, Up&Up spot treatment, and I was using an Equate moisturizer, but picked up one of the Simple moisturizers yesterday. I've never really used brand name stuff so I can't compare, but the results I get from the generic products are good enough for me, and so are the prices!

  3. Generic all the way, baby! Lol If it has the same ingredients & gets the same results, why not??!

  4. I usually buy generic too. This is the same for most of the items I buy. If there is a generic version of it then I usually get that. The only exception is if there is a sale on the name brand items.

  5. Walgreens version of Cetaphil moisturizing skin cream is not as good as the original. It doesn't have the same smooth texture or moisturize as well. Taking it back today for a refund.

    1. Thanks for the information! Texture is important in skincare items.