Sunday, February 19, 2012

Review: Cover Girl Ultimate Finish Liquid Powder Makeup

Company Claims from the Cover Girl Website:
“Get the beauty of a liquid, a powder, and concealer in one makeup! Ultimate Finish glides on effortlessly to cover and conceal where you need it, then dries to the soft finish of a powder. For an ultimate natural look, it's all you need – all in one!
·         - The beauty of a liquid, a powder, and concealer in one
·         - Oil- and fragrance-free
·         - Dermatologically tested
My thoughts on their claims:  More of a powder and concealer in one, not so much a liquid.  Does not glide on easily.  Definitely conceals but does not give a natural look at all.  I feel that you still need to set it with a powder to last as long as possible.
Other Information: My skin: Most days, my skin is pretty clear.  Occassionally, I get some breakouts, usually on my chin.  Currently, I am having some issues with some pretty bad acne on my chin, as well as some dry skin in certain areas like my temples and between my eyebrows.
Cons: 1.This is a very full coverage foundation.  It’s a bit too much coverage for my preference most of the time.  2. Blending can be an issue with this foundation.  Streaks can be an problem if you don’t blend completely.  3.  This foundation can feel and look cakey and heavy on the skin.  In my hands, it literally feels like modeling clay; not the best texture for a foundation.  4. If you have any areas of dry skin, this foundation will settle into those areas and make it even more obvious.
Pros: 1. If you need some serious coverage, this foundation is definitely going to do that.  I would recommend this if you have really bad acne that you want to cover or other serious discolorations or skin issues.
My Rating: 2 out of 5 stars
Would I Purchase Again: Not unless I was having a bout of extremely bad skin.
Conclusion: This foundation is more coverage than what I would usually want.  It’s heavy and gives really heavy coverage.  The nice thing about that is if you’re having some really bad breakouts (like I am right now) and you’re having trouble covering it with concealer, this will absolutely be enough on its own to cover it.  However, you’ll have to be careful to blend it in well and be sure to keep it away from any dry areas.  Also, I find that it applies best with the fingers so the heat from your hands can help to melt it a bit and blend into your skin.

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