Friday, January 13, 2012

Sweatpants for Short People!

This isn't really beauty-related but I guess it's fashion-related if your fashion is lazy bum sweatpants.  Personally, I happen to love my lazy bum sweatpants.  When I get home from work, I can't wait to change into my sweatpants and I shoot probably 90% of my YouTube videos with sweatpants or yoga pants on.

But you see, I'm dreadfully short.  A grown woman and I'm only four feet eleven inches (150 cm).  Tiny!  So I have a really hard time finding clothes that fit me because I'm very petite but have a fairly curvy figure that can be hard to fit.  If I buy regular sized pants, the inseam (read: crotch, lol) is halfway to my knees and that's very uncomfortable and unattractive.  I have to buy petite sized pants and even then, I still have to hem them because the length is too long, but at least the top of the pants will fit right.  Finally getting to my point, for the longest time, discount companies (Hanes, Fruit of the Loom) didn't make petite sized pants or at least they were hard to find.  I was totally excited today when I saw that Wal-Mart now carries Hanes sweatpants in petite sizes!  If you weren't aware, petite sizes are specially fitted for women under five feet three inches tall.  They tend to have shorter inseams and shorter legs.  For only $5.97, I snagged myself a pair of black petite sweat pants.
Apparently, these sweats are also "EcoSmart", whatever that means.  One of the biggest reasons that I like these sweat pants is not their smarts, but the waistband, pictured below (enlarge photo for better detail).  It's a really wide and flat elastic band so it's really comfortable, doesn't pinch or gather, and it's strong enough to hold up my insulin pump so my pants aren't sagging down to my knees.  These sweatpants are great for winter and are super affordable.  And if you aren't petite, don't worry, because they make the same ones in regular size.

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