Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Story of My Free Stuff

Let me begin by saying if you're reading this to find out how you can get free stuff, you should probably not read on any more.  I have no idea why this stuff was free, but it was and I'm simply a writer telling you my version of how it happened.  The purpose of this post is purely to entertain you, not to inform you of how to get free stuff.  That said, may the story now begin.
The day after Christmas, Brian and I had planned to get together with some family while we were back in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  We had some time to kill in between places so Brian asked if I would like to use some of our Christmas money to buy some makeup.  (What a wonderful husband!)  Well, you don't have to ask me twice if I want to go makeup shopping so we began what Brian called "The Treasure Hunt".  The treasure I was looking for was the new Happy Booster Lipstick from Physician's Formula.  I had read on Nouveau Cheap's blog that some people had spotted this product at CVS so we used our TomTom to look up the nearest CVS and we headed over that way.  Of course, I didn't find my treasure.  Slightly disappointed, I looked at some of the other makeup and picked up several other items with my Christmas money, including some lipsticks from Wet N Wild and Rimmel, the Wet N Wild 6 Pan Palette in Pride, Wet N Wild Clinical Mascara, and I decided to go ahead and buy this CVS out of my favorite powder too.  The last time I cleared a CVS of this product, I saved $52.10 so I felt it was worth it to stock up while it's so cheap.  Little did I know it was hidden treasure!

Brian and I finished our shopping and went to check out.  Brian's acid reflux was acting up again, so we also picked up some Prevacid and nausea medicine, along with some other random items.  As the cashier rang everything up, I dug through my wallet to find my CVS Beauty Club Card.  The total rang up to something like $130 and Brian looked at me jaw open like, "How did you spend that much money on makeup at CVS??"  So I handed the very nice teenage boy cashier my card (knowing that most of what I bought was on clearance).  He scanned my card and our total went down to about $60!!  (Keep in mind here that the Prevacid was $30 alone.)  Brian's eyeballs about popped out of his head.  We had saved $72.72 and a $5.00 coupon printed at the bottom of the receipt!!
We went out the door and I couldn't help but look at the receipt because this time even I was baffled by that much savings.  Then I realized that we had gotten five items for completely free!  Not only were all of my powders free, but so was the nausea medicine for Brian.  I had to know the secret to this trick so I dashed back inside to ask the cashier why these items were free.  He looked over the receipt and told me that he didn't know why but he could charge me full price if I wanted.  No thanks!!  The other cashier did mention that Physician's Formula was running a special where if you spent $10 on their items, you got $5.00 Extra Bucks on your receipt.  Still no explanation for the free stuff but I did a dance back out to the car!
Brian and I were amazed by this so the next day when we were at CVS again, I picked up the only remaining Physician's Formula powder in my shade, along with some Physician's Formula eyeliners I'd been wanting to try.  No luck though.  This time I had to pay $3.87 for my powder but I was still fine with that.  And another CVS that did not carry the Happy Booster Lipsticks that started this whole story.  One more try to a different CVS but still no Happy Booster.  So I saved $72.72 and got five items for free but we still haven't found the Happy Booster Lipstick.  Brian promised me we'll go treasure hunting again soon here in Florida.  Someday Happy Booster Lipstick.  Someday.


  1. Don't you just LOVE CVS! I'm a little jealous of how much you got for free, but then I look at all I got for the little amount I spent (at the 75% clearance sale) and I'm not so jealous anymore :) Most impressive and entertaining! It's the best when you can get some ExtraBucks when you buy makeup and then you can turn right around and get even more makeup with those Bucks you just earned :) CVS = my fave place to get drugstore makeup!

  2. Wow, that is an awesome deal. I did see the Happy Booster Lipsticks in my CVS, but I didn't pick them up. I found some other items I wanted to try before these. Hopefully they will go on sale one of these days.

  3. @Lindsey: I definitely love CVS! I've gotten $5 coupons the past three times I've shopped there!

    @Sweet As Honey Blog: I would definitely hold off on buying the lipsticks, especially at almost $10 per tube.

  4. That's amazing! :) Btw, just wondering, do the Physicians Formula powders have an expiry date since they have SPF and that's why they're so inexpensive? I've noticed some makeup on liquidation where I live (like Revlon Grow Luscious with colorstay eyeliner included for only $4) but didn't buy it thinking they might be expired...what do you think?

  5. @Zara: Well I checked my PF powders and sure enough, they ARE expired (Oct 11)! You are a genius! From what I've read, these particular powders probably have an expiration date because they contain SPF and after the date, the SPF becomes less effective. I don't really wear them for the SPF so I'll continue to use them but that was a brilliant thought on your behalf! :) I don't think I would want to buy expired eyeliner... that seems much more yucky to me than expired powder!