Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Project 10 Pan/5 Bottle Video

This video describes my Project 10 Pan/5 Bottle and also gives you a closer look at the items I'm trying to use and just how much of each product is left.


  1. This was a really inspiring video for me. I am hardly a makeup collector, not by a long shot. I like to buy what I know I'll use, use it up, then buy more. But after watching your video, I went through my collection and was stunned by how many neutrals/everyday eye products I'd accumulated. I am determined to use up several of my neutrals before purchasing any more. I'm still open to buying products I can use to create a new or different look since I really don't have much variety, but I need to stop buying taupe and pale browns! Thanks for taking the time to film that.


  2. @Ally: Thanks! I'm glad I could help you to focus and I hope you enjoy the fun new additions to your collection.