Sunday, January 1, 2012

Project 10 Pan/5 Bottle Rules

I think I may have turned into a squirrel.  I am hoarding makeup like nuts in the autumn.  You know it's time for a personal intervention when your backup section of your makeup area looks like this:
I have a serious buying problem.  I will at least say that all of the products in these two drawers are products that I love and use almost every day (Holy Grail items) but when you stock up this much, doesn't that kind of take the fun out of trying out new products?  I definitely see right now that this is a problem, especially considering that these photos don't show all the eyeshadows, blushes, lippies and other products that I've purchased and used only 2 or 3 times.  It's definitely personal intervention time.  Starting today (January 1, 2012), I am officially putting myself on a Project 10 Pan.

I'm sure you've probably already heard of Project 10 Pan, but if not, it's basically where you ban yourself from spending any money on makeup until you have completely used up 10 makeup items.  (Some people just stop spending until they hit pan on 10 items, but I'm going for used up as my goal.)  So in this post I will lay out my rules for what I plan to do.  I find that I do better at reaching my goal if I actually write down and publish my rules.

My Project 10 Pan/5 Bottle Rules:
1. 10 pans: I will not spend any money on new makeup until I have used ten full sized items completely.  They can be any ten items, as long as they are not sample size.
2. 5 bottles: I will also not spend any money on nail polish, fragrances, hair products or skin care products until I have used five full sized items from this category.  Cause heaven knows, I have plenty of those too!  This is where the 5 Bottle part of the name comes in.  I know many hair sprays technically come in a can, but you get the point.
3. Both, not one: I have to complete both parts of this project before I can buy again.  In other words, I'm not done until I've used 10 pans AND 5 bottles, not whatever comes first.
4. Replacement clause: If I don't have in my collection any other product I can replace something with, I can purchase a replacement.  For example, if I use all of the flexible hold hair sprays that I own (fat chance), I can replace it with one new flexible hold hair spray.  This is really more for things like moisturizer and face wash that I use every day.  I don't mean if I use a whole bottle of navy blue nail polish, I can buy another.  Make sense??
5. Happy Booster Exception: I searched six different CVS stores in two different states with Brian to find the new Physician's Formula Happy Booster Lipsticks.  I laughed when he said he felt like he was on a treasure hunt.  But no sign of them anywhere, even though we found just about every other newly released product for 2012.  So Brian saved $15 on a gift card just to purchase this dumb lipstick for me.  Should we ever find it somewhere, he's going to buy it for me.
6. Limited Edition Exception: If a drugstore company comes out with something limited edition that is really unique, I can buy it.  I did this same rule when I did a makeup diet during summer of 2011 and honestly, there was nothing that came out that I even really wanted.  Usually the limited edition items aren't that unique but I'm hoping that drugstores will step up their game in 2012 and come up with some fun new ideas.