Sunday, January 29, 2012

A Giant Pedicure Fail

I have been feeling pretty uninspired lately with my fingernail and toenail polishing.  Short winter days have made me lazy and it seems that lately all I want to do is snuggle under the blankets on the couch in my sweats.  Six weeks had gone by without repainting my toes, they were looking pretty rough, and I was feeling pretty blah about painting them.  I quickly picked out a pretty color of polish and a glitter topcoat and tried to get that polishing over with.  I should have known better.  What I created turned out to be a giant pedicure fail.
I quickly trimmed all the nails down to a manageable length (since I hadn't trimmed or filed in six weeks either, ew) but didn't bother to even file them so I ended up with a lovely pointed big toe nail.  Creepy.  Then after a base coat, I slapped on two coats of Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Going Green.  I've never tried one of the Xtreme Wear polishes and not loved it, and this one was no exception.  Great formula, great dry time, and a beautiful color.  This is a really pretty kelly green creme with just the most subtle hint of shimmer, which you can see in the bottle shot below.  It is honestly a pretty color but on my pasty white feet it came off looking like alien nails.  Not attractive.  I think I'll stick to using this color on my fingers.
Then I used Jordana's Pink Hearts glitter polish.  This is basically a clear base with some fine multicolored glitter and large pink glitter hearts.  Let's just say I'll be putting this polish in my treasure box for some sweet eleven year old girl to take home.  Kids would love it but for me, it's crap.  The fine glitter barely showed up and the hearts were just about impossible to get out of the bottle.  I literally had to use the brush to scoop one out and plop it and a pile of clear polish onto my nails.  I put three hearts on each of my big toes.  Disaster.  I should just stick to stamping on hearts or heart stickers because they would be so much easier and look so much better.
I pretty much hate the way this turned out on me and I will definitely be changing it again soon, especially considering that in my haste of polishing I missed half of my pinky toe.  *Sigh.* At least it isn't sandal season.


  1. I recently bought a Maybelline polish off Ebay similar to the Jordana one you used and I had a terrible time with it. It was a serious disappointment, I had issues getting the hearts on the brush then getting them off the brush onto the nail. It's a cute idea in the bottle, but not worth the hassle.

    1. I totally agree Amy! Then today when I tried to take the polish off, I had to scrape the hearts off and it left little stained spots where they were. Never again!