Sunday, January 22, 2012

Downsizing My Collection: I Gave EVEN More Away!

This one was actually sort of luck.  My neighbor is interviewing for a great job later this week.  She doesn't wear makeup every day and just realized that she somehow lost her makeup bag.  Since she doesn't wear makeup often, she asked if she could borrow just a few things for the interview so we went through my makeup collection quickly to find her some items that would work with her skin tone.  She wanted to borrow a powder foundation, some blush, lipstick, and a few eyeshadow and face brushes.  Of course, I had extras of all of these things.  I ended up giving her several items to keep, since she needed them, and I wanted to get rid of them.  It worked out really well for both of us.  In addition to the brushes, I gave her a Maybelline Mineral Power Powder Foundation, Covergirl Cheekers Blush in Golden Pink, and Wet N Wild Wild Shine Lipstick.  The foundation was too dark for me anyway and I hadn't used the lipstick or blush in months so I didn't mind parting with any of it.  Once again, I am happy to have downsized my collection and helped out someone else who will use it!


  1. How awesome! What a great blessing you were to your neighbor. It's great when you can do something for someone and know that it's really going to impact their lives in a positive way! :)


    1. Thanks Lindsey! I feel really good about it.

  2. You are a fabulous neighbor. I wish I had neighbors like that