Monday, December 19, 2011

Review: Sally Hansen No More Mistakes

Today I have a review for you of a Sally Hansen product.  This is the No More Mistakes Manicure Clean-Up Pen.  I purchased this product for $2.99 at Target.  It's basically a felt tip marker that has nail polish remover inside.  So if you are like me and paint half your finger with your uncoordinated nail painting skills, this is a great helper.  When I use it, I just rub the felt tip on any areas of my skin that I accidentally painted and the polish comes right off.  For me, this is much better than scrubbing the polish off with a brush (ouch!) or trying to use a Q-tip and acetone, which always ends in me getting fuzzies stuck to my nails.  I think this is a must-have product if you're a messy painter like I am.
Front of packaging
The packaging claims that the product will, "instantly erase smudges & smears".  It also comes with two replacement tips.  It also claims "Precision tip pen instantly removes nail color mistakes in a single stroke."
Back of packaging
As far as smudging on the nail, I don't think this would work at all on the actual nail, but it does an amazing job of cleaning polish off of skin, even in tight spaces around the cuticle.  I really feel like this product works great and I will definitely be repurchasing this!  To illustrate how it works, I have a photo of the hand I painted and used the manicure pen to clean up, as well as the hand I painted and did not clean up.
My nails before clean up pen
My nails after clean up pen


  1. thanks for sharing. I Love this product but wish it would last past one use. I personally find I have better luck with a brush a dipping it into remover

  2. @Laurie Ann: That's a good idea! What kind of brush do you use?

  3. I use the elf concealer brush and it works great.

  4. @Purple in the nailz: I'll have to try that since I have that brush. Thanks for the tip!