Tuesday, December 13, 2011

New video! Christmas Road Trip Packing: Outfits

This video was many hours in the making!  Several hours worth of changing clothes and filming outfits, recording audio, importing video and audio, editing the video, publishing, uploading, processing... WHEW!  But it is finally here!  This video is about the outfits I'm packing for my Christmas road trip to Pittsburgh.  I leave exactly one week from today!  So excited!  Are you going any place special for the holidays?

And remember, if you like the makeup I'm wearing in this video, you can check out all of the products I used on this blog post.


  1. I just finished watching this video and loved it! You do an excellent job of presenting everything and I know I'm watching a true professional do something she loves to do! I know teaching is tough, but so is doing the quality work you do on your videos and I appreciate it! Excellent work!

  2. Thank you Lindsey! You just brightened what was otherwise a bleak day for me. :)