Saturday, December 31, 2011

Nail Polish Rave: Irreplaceable

I must rave about this nail polish!  This is the shade Irreplaceable by Essence.  It is available at Ulta for $0.99 and what a value for what you get!  I took these pictures while I was in Pittsburgh so I didn't have access to great lighting.  The photos really don't do this polish justice, but that's true of most gorgeous nail colors.
I started out with a coat of my Nutra Nail Strengthener.  Then I followed with three coats of Irreplaceable.  I went with three to be sure to cover any bare spots, since I was painting in the not-so-great lighting at my parents' house.  I followed up with a coat of Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Topcoat.  It was "dry" to the touch in 30 seconds, as advertised on the bottle, but the polish remained tacky for about ten to fifteen minutes afterwards.  But oh my did this polish wear well!  I painted my nails on Christmas Eve and didn't take the polish off until December 27th.  Even then, I had only minimal tip wear!  For a glittery polish, that is great!
Then there's the actual look of this polish.  It is sort of a dirty sandy light taupe color with TONS of gold shimmer throughout.  Sometimes, like in the photo below, the gold shimmer can even look silver with the right lighting.  Even my mom (who is not the least bit interested in makeup or nail polish) thought this polish was beautiful.  I got a lot of compliments from family on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day about what a lovely shade this was.  And yet it is subtle enough to almost be a neutral.  Definitely adding this shade to my ever-growing (imaginary) list of favorite nail colors!

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