Friday, November 11, 2011

You May Not Know: I Can Sew!

Something about me that you may not know is that I love arts and crafts.  I've tried my hand at knitting, sewing, and cross stitching, among other things.  I'm also pretty handy with a hot glue gun.  I find it very fulfilling to use my hands and mind to create something.  I seem to always have several projects going at once, including a bright pink scarf I am currently knitting.

Yesterday and today I spent the better part of my day working on a project to sew a cowl capelet.  (It would have taken less time than that if my sewing machine hadn't died halfway through!)  I love the way this turned out, except I wish I had made it a size larger so I would have had more to snuggle up in!  I might just make another one; it was so inexpensive!  I bought my fleece on sale at Hobby Lobby for around $7.50 total.  The little  leopard print/brown flower was also purchased at Hobby Lobby in the hat section for $3.99.  It can be used as a pin or a hair clip!  I just pinned it on here for some more pizzazz.

If you like to sew, you should really check out Angel's site at  She has lots of awesome, easy to follow, free patterns that are beautiful.  This pattern even has a YouTube tutorial that goes with it!  It's really easy to follow so if you are a beginning sewer, this might be a great project for you.  To check out Angel's YouTube site, go to


  1. omg, i'm loving you more and more (not in a creepy way but as a fan of your youtube videos)! i love to sew too even though i'm not that great at it.

  2. @Zara: I'm not creeped out; Just happy to have someone that I have things in common with. I am not a great sewer either (which is why there will not be any close ups of the stitch work on this). You don't have to be a great sewer to make this. It's a really easy pattern to follow!