Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Story of my New Gray Boots + Pics!

I've been really wanting to find a pair of gray boots.  I have a pair of old chocolate brown ones and a pair of tan ones and even a pair of beat up generic black Uggs but gray has eluded my boot collection for awhile now.  I scoured the Internet for a few days and came up with nothing in my price range (read: cheap!).  I even talked to the girls I work with about my gray boot lust and asked if anyone had seen any around.  No luck.  I had a sad.  :(

Then today, I had to work a fantastic eleven hour day, which is never fun, especially if you don't get paid overtime.  To summarize (because the entire story is tedious and lengthy), tomorrow is my grade level family night at the school I at which I work.  Teachers are obligated to participate in their yearly family night, but ten weeks ago, I happened to have scheduled my orthodontist appointment in the evening on that day.  The reason I scheduled it so far in advance was to be sure I could get a late appointment and not have to take the day off work, losing time with my students and costing my school precious substitute dollars.  So my principal told me to keep the appointment and just offer to pick up the items needed for family night the day before instead.  So today after working a full day, I had to drive twenty minutes to the closest Walmart, pick up enough food, drinks, sides, and desserts for 125 people, drive twenty minutes back to work, unload the materials, and finally drive thirty more minutes home.

So to compensate for my precious time lost, I thought I would just quickly look through the shoe department at Walmart, while I was there.  Lo and behold!  For just $19.97 (paid from my personal money, not the school's), I found this beautiful pair of gray boots, which miraculously fit me (I have notoriously wide feet) and I could actually afford!  It made me not even mind working the extra time and totally made my day.  I love them and thought I would share my find with you, in case anyone else is on the hunt for beautiful gray boots at a good price.
The picture above is of the boots from the front.  Why do they have paper towel tubes stuck in them?  That's how I store my boots because it makes them stand up straight, keeping them in better shape.
This photo show one of the boots from the side.  You can see that they have some cute detailing around the ankle and front top of the foot.  They are also rather wide at the top and have a very small wedge heel in the back.
Close up of the heel and details at bottom
Here we have a shot of the boots from the back.  You can see that they have a seam down the back, as well as elastic detailing.  This is one of my favorite things about these boots.  The back has a section of elastic, so if you are like me, and have slightly larger calves, they stretch to fit you!  I have a problem lots of times finding knee high boots that I can fit my calves into properly and these boots take that fitting issue into account.
Close up of the elastic detail
There is a good chance that these boots will make an appearance in tomorrow's Outfit of the Day so be sure to check back in tomorrow!