Thursday, November 24, 2011

Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Her

Before you head out Black Friday shopping in the morning, you may want to check out this post and video for some great stocking stuffer ideas for the ladies!  Again, the post below has information not shown in the video, including prices and stores.  Also, at the bottom of the post, I again added in some more ideas not shown in the video!  Happy shopping!

1. Gillette Satin Care Alluring Avocado Shave Gel: $2.44 at Walmart
2. Aussie 3-Minute Miracle Moist Deeeeep Conditioner:  $2.84 at Target
3. Avon Snowman Lotion: $0.99 through Avon representative
4. Avon Snowman Lip Balm: $0.99 through Avon representative
6. e.l.f. Nourishing Cuticle Pen: $1.00 at or some Target stores or Kmart stores
NOTES: I purchased mine at a Target that carries elf.  You can search your area for stores that sell e.l.f. by going to the website.
7. e.l.f. Eyelash Curler: $1.00 at or some Target or Kmart stores
NOTES: My Dollar General store actually carries the eyelash curler, as well as some of the $1.00 makeup brushes.
8. e.l.f. Professional Eyeshadow Brush: $1.00 at or some Target, Kmart, and Dollar General, or Dollar Tree stores
9. e.l.f. Studio Line Powder Brush: $3.00 at or some Target or Kmart stores
10. L.A. Colors 12 Color Eyeshadow Palette in Traditional: $1.00 at Dollar Tree or Dollar General, or $1.50 at
11. Rue Beaute Natural Eye Look Kit: $6.99 at Rue21 stores
12. Essence Mini Lipgloss Set in Angel’s Kisses in Heaven: $2.99 at Ulta or
13. Essence Colour and Go Nail Polish in You Belong to Me: $0.99 at Ulta or
14. Essence Colour and Go Nail Polish in Date with the Night: $0.99 at Ulta or
15. Essence Colour and Go Nail Polish in Irreplaceable: $0.99 at Ulta or
16. Ferroro Rocher Chocolates (pack of about 15): $4.00 at Target
NOTES: You can purchase these in different sized packs in the candy aisle of most stores.  A pack of 3 usually runs around $1.50.
17. Ice Breakers Mints: $1.99 at Target
18. Earth Therapeutics Hydro Body Sponge: $1.49 at Ulta
NOTES: I think a really unique loofah would make a fun gift!  Sometimes you can find them in different colors and prints, or even cute shapes, like cupcakes!

Some additional ideas not shown in the video include:
- I think these cupcake shaped bath bombs are so cute!  I bought my best friend a similar one for her birthday this past summer and she thought it was adorable too!
- A sleep mask can be a great gift for light sleepers or people who travel a lot.  I purchased one that I love last year at Target’s One Spot for $1.00, but you can also order some cute ones, like this leopard print one, from  Also, sometimes Dollar Tree carries them.
- Does the person you are shopping for paint her own toenails?  Why not a pair of novelty toe separators, like these ones, for under $1.00!  You can also purchase toe separators at stores like Sally Beauty Supply or even Walgreens.
- Don’t forget that Marshall’s carries great scented soaps!  They are inexpensive and usually you get a large bar for your money!
- Has the person you are shopping for been thinking she might want to try false eye lashes?  Pick her up a pair at Sally Beauty Supply or any place that carries cosmetics.  Most places will charge less than $3.00.
- Try going to’s beauty section.  Type in the key word “novelty”.  So many fun ideas, especially for people with a good sense of humor!


  1. Awesome! I loved your Ferrero Rocher moment, my mother and stepfather go CRAZY over them. They act like little kids! They sound so good, but I'm allergic to tree nuts unfortunately. Thanks, these were great! Something that most people can actually afford unlike some on youtube who have things for 40 dollars or more a piece... *little annoyed by that*

  2. @Candy: Thanks! My teacher salary doesn't really allow for $40 gifts either!