Wednesday, November 30, 2011

OOTD: Wednesday

The clearest of the blurry photos
Combining my OOTD and FOTD today was making the post a little on the long side, so I have posted them separately.  Click here for the FOTD post.

My cameras hate the dark!  I took no less than a dozen pictures of my outfit this morning and every single one came out completely blurry.  (See below.)  So plan of action #2 was to have Brian take a picture for me when I got home from work but after an eleven hour work day, it was dark again when I got home too. (More on why I had to work eleven hours in another post later today!)  So the picture above was the best option of terrible choices.  I included the picture below simply because it is more color accurate, but you can't see the details of the clothes.  Enough blabber, allow me to explain what I'm wearing.
Blurry, but color accurate
From the bottom up: these boots are from Walmart last year and I love them!    They have really cute details, as pictured below.  I actually saw one of my cute-ster students wearing them to school last year and I immediately asked her if they were women's sizes (yes!) and where she got them.  I went out that weekend and bought the same ones and we then would coordinate matching outfits!  I love my job!  <3
A closer look at some of the details in the outfit
Next, I am wearing a pair of dark wash jeggings, also from Walmart last year.  I like them because they are super comfortable but still have enough structure that I don't feel like they show too much.  The white long sleeve T-shirt is also from Walmart.  I have on a brown sweater vest that I purchased at the Vanity Fair Outlet.  I like that it has a pocket on either side of the vest at the bottom.  Today, the pocket held my lip gloss!  To cinch the waist, I'm wearing a tan braided design belt that I purchased at Charlotte Russe.  Finally, to keep me warm, I have this gorgeous green scarf that I got last week at Walmart for $3 on clearance!  I love a good deal!  I just tied it in a waterfall style.  (Check out this awesome video for 25 different ways to wear a scarf!)
Close up of the some of the details on the boots
Did I mention that when I got home from work and asked Brian to photograph my outfit, he told me I looked like Link from The Legend of Zelda?  lol  He named one of our kitties Link, after that video game character.  He said that it was a compliment and I looked like a cute little elf.  I need a hat and a sword and next year's Halloween costume is done!  :P
Link from The Legend of Zelda


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