Saturday, November 19, 2011

I Love This Hair

I was feeling like doing something special today with my hair.  Long story short, my dad has been fighting with liver disease for about two years now.  He has been on the liver transplant list for over a year, waiting for the transplant that he needs.  Dad has already been called in as a backup for surgery once before but didn't get the liver.  Today he was one of three people called in so we have been waiting since this morning when I woke up to find out what was going to happen.  So basically, I wanted to do something with my hair to distract myself from worrying.
I washed my hair then towel dried it.  After that, I sprayed on a bit of It's a Ten Miracle Leave In Product, sprayed in lots of Tressemme Ultra Light Shine Spray (to attempt to minimize frizz because it was raining today), and finally scrunched lots of Garnier Curl Construct Mousse into my hair.  Then I left it to air dry.  Mistake!!  It turned to frizz city because of the humidity and it would not dry.  Finally a few hours later I decided to just blow dry it the rest of the way.  That left my hair frizzy and somewhere in between wavy and straight.  Not pretty.

I decided that trying to straighten it at this point would be way too much work anyways (I usually blow dry my hair straight when I want that sort of look so the flat iron just touches up the ends) so I might as well go with curls and deal with the frizz.
I ended up trying a new strategy.  In the past, I have used my flat iron to wave my hair but I always separated it into sections horizontally.  When I straighten my hair, I do vertical sections so it takes less time.  Today I thought I would try the same thing with waving my hair.  After I finished waving it, I applied lots of Bed Head After Party, again to fight the frizz.  The new waving strategy worked even better than I could have imagined!  Not only did it take half the time, but it gave me more of the look I want.  I really wanted natural looking waves, rather than ribbon style curls.  I love this hair!  Although upon further investigation, I should have checked the back a little better because it needed some touching up.  Overall, I love the way it looks and I will definitely be trying this again soon, as I love the look of waves for fall and winter!

If you want to see how I use my flat iron to get this look, the original tutorial I filmed is below.  The only real difference is that for the look above, I sectioned my hair into one inch sections VERTICALLY, instead of dividing it in half horizontally first.  My hair isn't very thick, so this worked for me.
Update: My dad is getting the liver!  Please hope or pray (whatever your beliefs align with, I'm not here to preach) for him to accept the liver and also for the donor family who lost their loved one today.


  1. hope everything goes well for you dad!! <3

  2. Hope things work out for your dad!

  3. I'm glad your Dad got his liver! I say a prayer for him.

    Your hair looks great!

  4. You and your fam are in my thoughts. As to your hair, it doesn't look frizzy at all. Love it. Will you be doing a tut on it. Wish you would, Thanks

  5. Thank you all so much for your well wishes! Dad is doing great so far!

    @Anonymous: I have a tutorial that shows how to do it the exact same way, except for this look I divided my hair into one inch VERTICAL sections instead of horizontally. Hope that helps! Here's the how to video.