Saturday, November 26, 2011

Fleece Fingerless Mittens

Last night, I made these fingerless convertible mittens.  My mom wanted me to make her a pair of fleece mittens for Christmas and I offered to make her convertible ones, where you could flip open the top to have access to your fingers.  These aren't the actual ones for her, but rather, a pair I whipped up out of some left over fabric I had from making a poncho for myself.  I wanted to try out the pattern before actually making hers, just in case I needed to adjust the pattern.  Overall, I think they turned out great!  I'm just hoping her hands are about the same size as mine because Brian tried these on and they were too small for him but men's hands are usually larger than women's.
Mitten tab closed
This used barely any fleece (about a two foot square piece) so I think I might make some more pairs if I have some left over fleece when I finish all my other projects!  I might just have to borrow Brian's hand to make a pattern for these mittens in men's sizes too.
Mitten tab open
I actually think that these are really cute and I think these are going to be my hand warmer of choice for my trip back to Pittsburgh for Christmas this year!  If you are interested in making a pair of these yourself, check out the Instructable.

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