Sunday, November 27, 2011

First Impression: Avon Advance Techniques

Last month, when I placed an order for some items from Avon, I got several free samples to try.  One of the ones I was most interested in was the Avon Advance Techniques Damage Repair 3D Rescue.  It is a leave in treatment for dry or damaged hair.

My Hair: I wouldn't really say my hair is exceptionally dry or damaged, rather, it's quite healthy.  However, I do have problems with my hair getting very frizzy.  So I guess I would classify it as more of a frizz problem than a dryness problem.  I do not color my hair, but I do heat style it about three to four times a week.  I have some split ends, but they are not extensive.
What I had was a 5 mL or 0.16 fl. oz. packet.  It's basically enough for one use if you have long hair.  The instructions on the back of the packet say: "TO USE: Apply to clean, damp towel-dried, or dry hair.  Style as usual."

Here is a direct quote from the Avon website about the product claims:
"Instantly repairs 3 types of damage: 
CHEMICAL (color treatments, perms) 
THERMAL (blow dryers, curling irons 
MECHANICAL (combing and brushing) 

3D Rescue targets hair’s most damaged areas, strengthening hair’s internal structure, instantly mending split ends and nourishing hair from within. With fortifying nutrients. Targets damage and instantly repairs split ends. For dry or damaged hair. 3.4 fl. oz."

Now anyone who knows a thing or two about hair knows that NO product can actually repair split ends.  The only way to get rid of those suckers is to cut them off.  However, you can make split ends less noticeable and many companies claim that as repairing them.

My First Impressions:  First off, I'm calling this first impression instead of review because I don't really feel like I can review a product if I've only used it once.  That said, here's what I think.  Hate this junk.  Maybe it's because my hair is already healthy, but when I put it in my hair, my hair felt greasy and slick and that feeling didn't go away.  My hair felt the same way it would if I had put too much product in my hair.  For example, if I had used way too much of a cheap frizz control cream, this is how my hair would feel.  I did not notice any improvement or even the look of improvement of split ends.  And the next morning, my ends actually felt drier than before using this treatment.

To Sum It Up: I will definitely not be spending the $12.00 on the full size of this product (which is still a small bottle) anytime soon.  I think you could get the same results with a much less expensive and much larger bottle of leave in conditioner from the drugstore.  I didn't feel like it did anything it claimed to and I hated the way it felt in my hair.  All over, just not a good product for me.  However, your results may be different if you have very dry or damaged hair and need a lot of hydration.

Has anyone tried this product and had success with it?  Perhaps someone with hair that needs those extra conditioning properties?

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