Wednesday, November 2, 2011

But They Were So Pretty :(

My nails were finally starting to get a little on the long side and with Halloween designs past, I wanted to do something pretty and subtle to show off my new lengths.  I picked up a French Manicure Kit from L.A. Colors at my local Dollar General for $2.00.  It included some nail sticker guides, Natural Pink polish for a base and French White polish for the tips.

I started with a base coat of Nutra Nail Strengthener.  When that dried, I applied the stickers to the tips of my nails and painted the tips French White.  Next, I peeled off the stickers before the white dried.  I really shouldn't have used a base coat because on some fingers, the stickers peeled off the base coat but it didn't really hurt the manicure.  When the white dried, I topped it off with Natural Pink and when that dried, I added some of the sparkly stickers from the strip pictured above.  Finally, I sealed it all with Seche Vite Top Coat.

Holding Natural Pink

Holding French White
I think this turned out beautifully.  I've had more expensive French Manicure Kits that didn't turn out as nicely as this one or wear as well.  I love the way it really looked natural, as some French whites turn out very harsh and stark.  This was lovely.  Then comes the tragedy.  I painted these last night and wore them to work today and at the very end of my work day, my clumsy self accidentally hit my nail off my document camera and completely broke my left ring fingernail.  SAAAAD!  But they were so pretty!!  And it hurt a bit to boot because it tore nearly the entire way across and ripped pretty far down.  *Sigh* At least I have the pictures to remember my long nails.  Now I have to go repaint them and file them all down to super short length.  (One of my pet peeves is having my fingernails at different lengths.  I'd rather have them all short than have them different lengths.)

Sad broken nail


  1. Awwww! Rest in peace long will be missed. ;) It was a very pretty manicure! They'll grow back!
    xo, Jaimee

  2. aww :( sorry 2 hear about ur nail - but all in all, it looks good and you can redo them when they grow - hope the broken nail doesnt hurt much .. thanks for sharing the nail technique, I myself can never get a manicure right

  3. @Jaimee: Thanks! I'll enjoy their new length until they grow again. Luckily, my nails grow pretty fast!

    @Sai Niz: Thanks! The broken nail doesn't hurt anymore and I still have all the materials to do it again in a few weeks when they grow back. :)

  4. I remember trying the LA Colors French Manicure set and liking it! Your nails look wonderful & I agree, I'd rather have all short nails rather than having them all different lengths! ♥

  5. @Brittany Elaine: Thanks! Also, I'm loving your blog! It's hard sometimes to find other bloggers who use inexpensive products! :)