Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Story of my New Gray Boots + Pics!

I've been really wanting to find a pair of gray boots.  I have a pair of old chocolate brown ones and a pair of tan ones and even a pair of beat up generic black Uggs but gray has eluded my boot collection for awhile now.  I scoured the Internet for a few days and came up with nothing in my price range (read: cheap!).  I even talked to the girls I work with about my gray boot lust and asked if anyone had seen any around.  No luck.  I had a sad.  :(

Then today, I had to work a fantastic eleven hour day, which is never fun, especially if you don't get paid overtime.  To summarize (because the entire story is tedious and lengthy), tomorrow is my grade level family night at the school I at which I work.  Teachers are obligated to participate in their yearly family night, but ten weeks ago, I happened to have scheduled my orthodontist appointment in the evening on that day.  The reason I scheduled it so far in advance was to be sure I could get a late appointment and not have to take the day off work, losing time with my students and costing my school precious substitute dollars.  So my principal told me to keep the appointment and just offer to pick up the items needed for family night the day before instead.  So today after working a full day, I had to drive twenty minutes to the closest Walmart, pick up enough food, drinks, sides, and desserts for 125 people, drive twenty minutes back to work, unload the materials, and finally drive thirty more minutes home.

So to compensate for my precious time lost, I thought I would just quickly look through the shoe department at Walmart, while I was there.  Lo and behold!  For just $19.97 (paid from my personal money, not the school's), I found this beautiful pair of gray boots, which miraculously fit me (I have notoriously wide feet) and I could actually afford!  It made me not even mind working the extra time and totally made my day.  I love them and thought I would share my find with you, in case anyone else is on the hunt for beautiful gray boots at a good price.
The picture above is of the boots from the front.  Why do they have paper towel tubes stuck in them?  That's how I store my boots because it makes them stand up straight, keeping them in better shape.
This photo show one of the boots from the side.  You can see that they have some cute detailing around the ankle and front top of the foot.  They are also rather wide at the top and have a very small wedge heel in the back.
Close up of the heel and details at bottom
Here we have a shot of the boots from the back.  You can see that they have a seam down the back, as well as elastic detailing.  This is one of my favorite things about these boots.  The back has a section of elastic, so if you are like me, and have slightly larger calves, they stretch to fit you!  I have a problem lots of times finding knee high boots that I can fit my calves into properly and these boots take that fitting issue into account.
Close up of the elastic detail
There is a good chance that these boots will make an appearance in tomorrow's Outfit of the Day so be sure to check back in tomorrow!

FOTD: Wednesday

Combining my OOTD and FOTD today was making the post a little on the long side, so I have posted them separately.  Click here for the OOTD post.

This is actually one of my favorite everyday eye looks.  The eyeshadows are really inexpensive, easily accessible, and easy to blend.  They also look great on almost every skin tone and eye color you might have.

- Hard Candy Sheer Envy Face Primer
- Rimmel Clean Finish Foundation in Ivory
- Maybelline Mineral Power Concealer in Ivory (blemishes)
- e.l.f. Mineral Eyeshadow Primer (prime undereye)
- Pixi Correction Concentrate in Brightening Peach
- Benefit Boi-ing Concealer in Light (undereye)
- Physician’s Formula Healthy Wear Powder Foundation SPF 50 in Translucent Light
- Physician’s Formula Healthy Wear Bronzer SPF 50 in Fair
- N.Y.C. Bronzer in Sunny (contour)
- N.Y.C. Blushable Crème Stick in South Street Seashell
- L.A. Colors Blush in Toast
- Jordana FabuBrow Eyebrow Pencil in Medium Brown
- Too Faced Shadow Insurance
- Wet N Wild Eyeshadow Single in Nutty (lid)
- Cover Girl Eyeshadow Single in Brown Smoulder (crease and lower lashline)
- Wet N Wild Eyeshadow Single in Brulee (highlight)
- Cover Girl Perfect Point Plus Eyeliner Pencil in Espresso
- Essence Long Lasting Eyeliner Pencil in Almost Famous (waterline)
- Jordana Incolor Fabuliner Liquid Eyeliner in Brown
- Maybelline Colossal Volum Express Washable in Glam Black

- Essence XXXL Shine Lipgloss in Big Night Out

OOTD: Wednesday

The clearest of the blurry photos
Combining my OOTD and FOTD today was making the post a little on the long side, so I have posted them separately.  Click here for the FOTD post.

My cameras hate the dark!  I took no less than a dozen pictures of my outfit this morning and every single one came out completely blurry.  (See below.)  So plan of action #2 was to have Brian take a picture for me when I got home from work but after an eleven hour work day, it was dark again when I got home too. (More on why I had to work eleven hours in another post later today!)  So the picture above was the best option of terrible choices.  I included the picture below simply because it is more color accurate, but you can't see the details of the clothes.  Enough blabber, allow me to explain what I'm wearing.
Blurry, but color accurate
From the bottom up: these boots are from Walmart last year and I love them!    They have really cute details, as pictured below.  I actually saw one of my cute-ster students wearing them to school last year and I immediately asked her if they were women's sizes (yes!) and where she got them.  I went out that weekend and bought the same ones and we then would coordinate matching outfits!  I love my job!  <3
A closer look at some of the details in the outfit
Next, I am wearing a pair of dark wash jeggings, also from Walmart last year.  I like them because they are super comfortable but still have enough structure that I don't feel like they show too much.  The white long sleeve T-shirt is also from Walmart.  I have on a brown sweater vest that I purchased at the Vanity Fair Outlet.  I like that it has a pocket on either side of the vest at the bottom.  Today, the pocket held my lip gloss!  To cinch the waist, I'm wearing a tan braided design belt that I purchased at Charlotte Russe.  Finally, to keep me warm, I have this gorgeous green scarf that I got last week at Walmart for $3 on clearance!  I love a good deal!  I just tied it in a waterfall style.  (Check out this awesome video for 25 different ways to wear a scarf!)
Close up of the some of the details on the boots
Did I mention that when I got home from work and asked Brian to photograph my outfit, he told me I looked like Link from The Legend of Zelda?  lol  He named one of our kitties Link, after that video game character.  He said that it was a compliment and I looked like a cute little elf.  I need a hat and a sword and next year's Halloween costume is done!  :P
Link from The Legend of Zelda

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

FOTD/OOTD: Tuesday

This is going to be a quick post, as I spent most of my night embellishing an angel costume for one of my friend's daughter.  Let's start with what I'm wearing.  (Notice the kitty who has to be in the middle of everything I do.  Silly Nero!)
The hot pink sleeveless undershirt is from Kmart.  The argyle cardigan is from Target a few years ago.  I don't think you can tell, but the thin lines in the argle are hot pink, hence the collared shirt.  The pants are actually flare leg black trousers from Target.  Finally, I'm wearing some pewter ballet flats from Walmart.

- Hard Candy Sheer Envy Face Primer
- Rimmel Clean Finish Foundation in Ivory
- Maybelline Mineral Power Concealer in Ivory (blemishes)
- e.l.f. Mineral Eyeshadow Primer (prime undereye)
- Pixi Correction Concentrate in Brightening Peach
- Benefit Boi-ing Concealer in Light (undereye)
- Physician’s Formula Healthy Wear Powder Foundation SPF 50 in Translucent Light
- Physician’s Formula Healthy Wear Bronzer SPF 50 in Fair
- N.Y.C. Bronzer in Sunny (contour)
- N.Y.C. Blushable Crème Stick in Berry New York
- e.l.f. Studio Blush in Blushing Rose
- Jordana FabuBrow Eyebrow Pencil in Medium Brown
- Too Faced Shadow Insurance
- Rue Beaute Natural Eye Kit
                - Rising Tides on inner ½ of lid, arch highlight, inner corner highlight
                - Tan Lines on outer ½ of lid
                - Seashell in crease and lowerlashline
                - Not a Cloud in Sight as brow highlight (across entire brow & over Rising Tides)
- Essence Long Lasting Eyeliner Pencil in Almost Famous (waterline)
- Jordana Incolor Fabuliner Liquid Eyeliner in Brown
- N.Y.C. Showtime Volumizing Mascara
- Sinful Colors Extra Shiny Lipgloss in Lilac Mist

Monday, November 28, 2011


Fall has finally come to Florida and I am so excited!  I can finally wear my boots, sweaters, and scarves without running the air conditioner.  So I thought I would do something a little special this week and share each day's Face of the Day and Outfit of the Day.  Now they aren't anything too terribly fancy because I have to work everyday this week and I'm a teacher.  That means lots of slacks and pretty basic makeup.  But I also thought that this is probably the same case for a lot of people these days, so why not share!  Let's start with my outfit.
Sorry about the crummy quality of the picture.  My camera wasn't happy with the lighting at 6AM!  I also couldn't get it zoom out enough to see my shoes, but it's a start!  The pants are brown trouser flares.  I purchased them at Beall's Outlet and the brand is New York & Company.  The white top is just a V-neck from Walmart.  The peach cardigan is from Target and the brand is Mossimo.  I believe it is one of their boyfriend cardigans.  The floral print scarf I purchased at a tourist trap at Schloss Castle in Germany this summer because I love the print!  I tied it into a sort of slip knot.  The look is a bit more spring than fall but that went fine with our 77 degree high here in Florida today.  The cardigan worked well, as we reached the high around noon and the temperature went down from then on, settling at about 65.  Begin the cool weather!

- Cover Girl Smoothers Tinted Moisturizer in Fair to Light
- Maybelline Mineral Power Concealer in Light (blemishes)
- e.l.f. Mineral Eyeshadow Primer (prime undereye)
- Pixi Correction Concentrate in Brightening Peach
- Benefit Boi-ing Concealer in Light (undereye)
- Physician’s Formula Healthy Wear Powder Foundation SPF 50 in Translucent Light
- Physician’s Formula Healthy Wear Bronzer SPF 50 in Fair
- N.Y.C. Bronzer in Sunny (contour)
- N.Y.C. Blushable Crème Stick in Plaza Pink
- Jordana FabuBrow Eyebrow Pencil in Medium Brown
- Too Faced Shadow Insurance
- Rue Beaute Natural Eye Kit
                - Seagull on lid
                - Boardwalk lightly in crease
                - Not a Cloud in Sight as brow highlight
- Hard Candy Concealer Pencil in Light (waterline)
- Wet N Wild Color Icon Shimmer Pencil Eyeliner in Copper (top and bottom lashline)
- Essence Black Mania Carbon Black Volume Mascara

- N.Y.C. Liquid Lip Shine in Brighton Beach Peach

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Manicure Monday: You Belong To Me

I was really proud of this manicure that I did a few weeks ago.  (I'm currently unpainted, in order to give my nails a break.)  I started with a base coat of Nutra Nail Strengthener and then followed with two coats of Essence Colour & Go Nail Polish in You Belong With Me.  This is a lovely light (almost pastel/mint?) blue creme.  I used two coats of that to get my polish opaque.  I had a bit of difficulty with this polish.  It claims to be fast drying but I disagree.  I was struggling with some streaking when applying very thin coats, so I used a thicker second coat but after 15 minutes, it was still not dry.  Seche Vite to the rescue!  This is my favorite fingernail top coat, and while it costs way too much, it dries quickly and never lets me down.

Next, using Sally Hansen Insta-Dri in Emerald Express (limited edition), I stamped a cute flower on each nail.  The stamp was from Bundle Monster and it's on plate BM03.  Application was a breeze, although I did manage to smudge the stamp a little, but it wasn't noticeable in real life.  While this polish is called Emerald Express, it came off looking like a dark teal over You Belong To Me.
Next, using the smaller end of my Orly Dotter Duo (double ended dotting tool), I placed a dot of Sally Hansen Insta-Dri in Lightening in the center of each flower.  One more coat of Seche Vite, and I was finished!
I loooooove the way this turned out and I got so many compliments!  But what makes me so proud of this manicure is that I did the entire thing by myself, including dotting the yellow centers!  Even Brian was impressed with me.  Hehe, I'm a big girl now!  XD

First Impression: Avon Advance Techniques

Last month, when I placed an order for some items from Avon, I got several free samples to try.  One of the ones I was most interested in was the Avon Advance Techniques Damage Repair 3D Rescue.  It is a leave in treatment for dry or damaged hair.

My Hair: I wouldn't really say my hair is exceptionally dry or damaged, rather, it's quite healthy.  However, I do have problems with my hair getting very frizzy.  So I guess I would classify it as more of a frizz problem than a dryness problem.  I do not color my hair, but I do heat style it about three to four times a week.  I have some split ends, but they are not extensive.
What I had was a 5 mL or 0.16 fl. oz. packet.  It's basically enough for one use if you have long hair.  The instructions on the back of the packet say: "TO USE: Apply to clean, damp towel-dried, or dry hair.  Style as usual."

Here is a direct quote from the Avon website about the product claims:
"Instantly repairs 3 types of damage: 
CHEMICAL (color treatments, perms) 
THERMAL (blow dryers, curling irons 
MECHANICAL (combing and brushing) 

3D Rescue targets hair’s most damaged areas, strengthening hair’s internal structure, instantly mending split ends and nourishing hair from within. With fortifying nutrients. Targets damage and instantly repairs split ends. For dry or damaged hair. 3.4 fl. oz."

Now anyone who knows a thing or two about hair knows that NO product can actually repair split ends.  The only way to get rid of those suckers is to cut them off.  However, you can make split ends less noticeable and many companies claim that as repairing them.

My First Impressions:  First off, I'm calling this first impression instead of review because I don't really feel like I can review a product if I've only used it once.  That said, here's what I think.  Hate this junk.  Maybe it's because my hair is already healthy, but when I put it in my hair, my hair felt greasy and slick and that feeling didn't go away.  My hair felt the same way it would if I had put too much product in my hair.  For example, if I had used way too much of a cheap frizz control cream, this is how my hair would feel.  I did not notice any improvement or even the look of improvement of split ends.  And the next morning, my ends actually felt drier than before using this treatment.

To Sum It Up: I will definitely not be spending the $12.00 on the full size of this product (which is still a small bottle) anytime soon.  I think you could get the same results with a much less expensive and much larger bottle of leave in conditioner from the drugstore.  I didn't feel like it did anything it claimed to and I hated the way it felt in my hair.  All over, just not a good product for me.  However, your results may be different if you have very dry or damaged hair and need a lot of hydration.

Has anyone tried this product and had success with it?  Perhaps someone with hair that needs those extra conditioning properties?

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Fleece Fingerless Mittens

Last night, I made these fingerless convertible mittens.  My mom wanted me to make her a pair of fleece mittens for Christmas and I offered to make her convertible ones, where you could flip open the top to have access to your fingers.  These aren't the actual ones for her, but rather, a pair I whipped up out of some left over fabric I had from making a poncho for myself.  I wanted to try out the pattern before actually making hers, just in case I needed to adjust the pattern.  Overall, I think they turned out great!  I'm just hoping her hands are about the same size as mine because Brian tried these on and they were too small for him but men's hands are usually larger than women's.
Mitten tab closed
This used barely any fleece (about a two foot square piece) so I think I might make some more pairs if I have some left over fleece when I finish all my other projects!  I might just have to borrow Brian's hand to make a pattern for these mittens in men's sizes too.
Mitten tab open
I actually think that these are really cute and I think these are going to be my hand warmer of choice for my trip back to Pittsburgh for Christmas this year!  If you are interested in making a pair of these yourself, check out the Instructable.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Friday Fleece Fun

After making this cowl, (also featured here) I decided it would be really fun to make my family and friends some fleece gifts this year for Christmas.  My budget is really tight this holiday season, and I found some great deals on fleece both at Hobby Lobby and Jo Ann Fabrics.  And since my entire family resides in Pennsylvania, some warm fleece gifts would be well received.

I know this isn't really beauty related, but I thought eventually this could turn into a fun fleece fashion post.  For today, I am sharing with you the beautiful fabric I purchased so far.
From Hobby Lobby, I picked up a yard and a half of solid black fleece and a half yard of camouflage fabric with deer on it (for my dear old dad).

From Jo Ann Fabrics, I purchased a yard and a half of purple argyle fleece (for myself!), as well as three yards of solid maroon and four yards of solid green.

I was really excited this morning to get started sewing some beautiful, hand-made fleece items.  However, the world was against me.  First, my printer wouldn't print.  Turns out it was out of blue ink and when my crummy printer is out of one kind of ink, it won't print anything at all.  That was fine, since there were a few items that I could either make my own pattern for, or didn't need a pattern to make.

So I started out making the fingerless gloves my mom wanted out of the green.  I got the pattern all cut out and ready to start sewing... and then I realized I had forgotten to pick up coordinating thread for the green and maroon!  I even remember thinking in Jo Ann that I needed to get it, but then I got busy helping my friend pick out things, and forgot all about it.  Sigh!  More delays!

I was able to use the purple argyle to make myself some things though.  I made a poncho, a practice set of the fingerless gloves, and a hat.  I was really happy with the first two, but the hat I ended up really disliking.  The pattern just didn't turn out with a hat in a style I liked.  But that's okay because I'm sure I could find someone who would love the hat and tomorrow I will try a different pattern for my dad's hat.

Finally, I headed out to Walmart after the Black Friday traffic died down and picked up the thread I needed, as well as the ink to get my printer going.  It looks like I'm going to have another day of patterns and sewing ahead of me tomorrow.  I'll let you know how it goes and hopefully take some pictures of the things I make to share with you.

Oh, and if you are a sewer as well (and love fleece!), check out  Angel creates amazing, printable FREE patterns, including the cowl capelet I mentioned above.  The directions are really easy to follow and you don't have to spend your whole day searching the web for free patterns!

So I'm kind of left wondering, is there anyone else out there who knows how to sew?  It seems to be a bit of a dying art these days.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Her

Before you head out Black Friday shopping in the morning, you may want to check out this post and video for some great stocking stuffer ideas for the ladies!  Again, the post below has information not shown in the video, including prices and stores.  Also, at the bottom of the post, I again added in some more ideas not shown in the video!  Happy shopping!

1. Gillette Satin Care Alluring Avocado Shave Gel: $2.44 at Walmart
2. Aussie 3-Minute Miracle Moist Deeeeep Conditioner:  $2.84 at Target
3. Avon Snowman Lotion: $0.99 through Avon representative
4. Avon Snowman Lip Balm: $0.99 through Avon representative
6. e.l.f. Nourishing Cuticle Pen: $1.00 at or some Target stores or Kmart stores
NOTES: I purchased mine at a Target that carries elf.  You can search your area for stores that sell e.l.f. by going to the website.
7. e.l.f. Eyelash Curler: $1.00 at or some Target or Kmart stores
NOTES: My Dollar General store actually carries the eyelash curler, as well as some of the $1.00 makeup brushes.
8. e.l.f. Professional Eyeshadow Brush: $1.00 at or some Target, Kmart, and Dollar General, or Dollar Tree stores
9. e.l.f. Studio Line Powder Brush: $3.00 at or some Target or Kmart stores
10. L.A. Colors 12 Color Eyeshadow Palette in Traditional: $1.00 at Dollar Tree or Dollar General, or $1.50 at
11. Rue Beaute Natural Eye Look Kit: $6.99 at Rue21 stores
12. Essence Mini Lipgloss Set in Angel’s Kisses in Heaven: $2.99 at Ulta or
13. Essence Colour and Go Nail Polish in You Belong to Me: $0.99 at Ulta or
14. Essence Colour and Go Nail Polish in Date with the Night: $0.99 at Ulta or
15. Essence Colour and Go Nail Polish in Irreplaceable: $0.99 at Ulta or
16. Ferroro Rocher Chocolates (pack of about 15): $4.00 at Target
NOTES: You can purchase these in different sized packs in the candy aisle of most stores.  A pack of 3 usually runs around $1.50.
17. Ice Breakers Mints: $1.99 at Target
18. Earth Therapeutics Hydro Body Sponge: $1.49 at Ulta
NOTES: I think a really unique loofah would make a fun gift!  Sometimes you can find them in different colors and prints, or even cute shapes, like cupcakes!

Some additional ideas not shown in the video include:
- I think these cupcake shaped bath bombs are so cute!  I bought my best friend a similar one for her birthday this past summer and she thought it was adorable too!
- A sleep mask can be a great gift for light sleepers or people who travel a lot.  I purchased one that I love last year at Target’s One Spot for $1.00, but you can also order some cute ones, like this leopard print one, from  Also, sometimes Dollar Tree carries them.
- Does the person you are shopping for paint her own toenails?  Why not a pair of novelty toe separators, like these ones, for under $1.00!  You can also purchase toe separators at stores like Sally Beauty Supply or even Walgreens.
- Don’t forget that Marshall’s carries great scented soaps!  They are inexpensive and usually you get a large bar for your money!
- Has the person you are shopping for been thinking she might want to try false eye lashes?  Pick her up a pair at Sally Beauty Supply or any place that carries cosmetics.  Most places will charge less than $3.00.
- Try going to’s beauty section.  Type in the key word “novelty”.  So many fun ideas, especially for people with a good sense of humor!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Him

Just in time for holiday shopping, I’ve created a video full of ideas for different stocking stuffers for him!  Below, I’ve listed what each item is, the price I found for each, and the store where I found that price.  Additionally, for some items I have included helpful notes and at the very bottom of this post, a few more ideas for items the man in your life might enjoy.  If you have any ideas to add to the list, please feel free to leave a comment!  We can always use some help on those stocking stuffer ideas.
1. Gillette Fusion Proglide Cartridge 4 Pack: $15.97 at Walmart
NOTES: Or perhaps he could use a new razor all together?
2. Up & Up Travel Size Lint Roller: $1.00 at Target
3. Men’s Nautica Classic Eau De Toilette Cologne, 0.5 oz/15mL: $4.99 at Target

4. Pilot Precise V5 Rolling Ball Extra Fine Pens, 4 pack $5.44 at Walmart

5. Handheld tetris game: $4.99 at Target
NOTES: I purchased this last year, so I’m not sure if they still have them this year.
6. Dentek Triple Clean Floss Picks, 150 count: $3.00 at Walmart
NOTES: Smaller bags are also available for under $1.00.
7. Homer Simpson Cufflinks: around $18.00 at
NOTES: I’ve purchased cufflinks from this site several times.  They have really great prices, fast shipping, and good customer service.
8. Wood and Metal Cufflinks: $22.95 at
NOTES: I actually bought these for Brian for our five year, or “wooden” wedding anniversary.
9.Garnier Fructis Style - Surf Hair Texture Paste: $3.34 at Target
10. JVC In-Ear Marshmallow Ear Buds: $14.88 at Walmart
11. Handheld Super Pinball Game: $1.00 at Target
NOTES: Again, I purchased this last year, but I’ve seen similar items available.
12. Super Mario Brothers Mushroom Candies and Tin: $3.99 at Hobby Lobby
NOTES: If you shop at Hobby Lobby a lot, their website often has coupons available.  My favorite coupon, which they run fairly regularly, is 40% off of any one regularly priced item.
13. Christmas Fir Scented Soap: $3.99 at Marshalls
NOTES: Marshalls often has great deals on name brand items like Philosophy, Elizabeth Arden, and more.  They also carry items that are unique, like this fun fir tree scented bath soap.
14. Victorinox Swiss Army Classic Knife: $9.97 at Walmart
15. Jack Daniels Tennessee Whiskey, 100mL: $5.99 at Liquor Store
16. Crown Royal Black Whiskey, 50mL: $2.99 at Liquor Store
NOTES: Prices of liquor can vary a lot from place to place, so these prices may not be accurate for you.

Some additional ideas not shown in the video include:
- Listerine Pocketmist Breath Spray, 2 pack: $4.92 at Walmart
- Lindt Chocolates (Brian loves their dark chocolate bars and their dark chocolate truffles.)
- a flask (What better way to get through those holiday family gatherings?  j/k)
- a USB flash drive (You could even load it up with pictures of the two of you!)
- XBOX Live subscription or points

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

FOTD: Green and Glasses

It was a chilly day in Florida on Friday and I opted to wear a jewel toned emerald sweater that I love.  Since I really liked the way my blue eyeshadow turned out here, I figured I'd give green a chance too.  Green is another color that usually looks really out there on me.  The magic of glasses!  Once again, I love the way it came out!!  In real life, the shadow on the bottom lash line looked much more green, but I took these pictures at 6:00 A.M. and the lighting was not the greatest but you can still tell what the overall look is.
- Hard Candy Sheer Envy Face Primer
- Rimmel Clean Finish Foundation in Ivory
- e.l.f. Mineral Eyeshadow Primer (prime undereye)
- Pixi Correction Concentrate in Brightening Peach
- Physician’s Formula Healthy Wear Powder Foundation SPF 50 in Translucent Light
- Physician’s Formula Healthy Wear Bronzer SPF 50 in Fair
- N.Y.C. Bronzer in Sunny (contour)
- e.l.f. Studio Blush in Berry Merry
- Jordana FabuBrow Eyebrow Pencil in Medium Brown
- Too Faced Shadow Insurance
- NYX Single Eyeshadow in Lime Green (lid)
- Wet N Wild Single Eyeshadow in Envy (crease, lower lash line)
- Wet N Wild Single Eyeshadow in Brulee (highlight)
- Hard Candy Concealer Pencil in Light (waterline)
- CoverGirl Perfect Point Plus Eyeliner Pencil in Espresso (top lash line)
- Wet N Wild Clinical Mascara

- Essence Mini Lipglosses in Angel’s Kisses in Heaven (sparkly shade)

Monday, November 21, 2011

Manicure Monday: Wet Cement & Stamp

This is going to be another quick post, as it is late, and I am so ready to curl up in bed!

This photo is from awhile back and it got lost in my folder of photos that need uploaded but I found it and figured I would share it with you.  This was my very first attempt at nail art stamping! As you can see, it was a miserable fail!  The stamper I was using was the larger one and it was really hard to aim with the big stamper.  I still have problems aiming, even with my double ended stamper, but this one was a total fail.  Being that I missed the center of my nail, I thought I would compensate by stamping part of the design onto the blank parts of the nail.  Some of them ended up overlapping and the whole thing ended up too busy.  I like the concept of this, so perhaps someday I will try recreating this look some day.
I started off with 2 coats of Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Wet Cement, which is a great light gray creme shade that is perfect for fall and winter.  Like all of the polishes from this line, application was great for me and wear was pretty good as well.  After three days of this manicure, I had only minimal tip wear.  Next, I stamped on the fern (I think?) design from Konad plate M2 with Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Flirt.  I wasn't sure how that polish would stamp because it is rather thin, but I think it worked well.  However, for my poor stamp work, I am listing this one as a polish fail in my book.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Quick Post

Today's post is going to be a quick one.  I have been on the computer and phone all day communicating with people about my dad so I have been pretty busy.  If you are interested, here is the latest news.  He got the liver transplant late last night and so far is doing very well!  He is sitting up and is alert and responsive and the doctors are amazed at how well he is looking and feeling already.  I am so relieved!  There is still a chance his body may reject the liver but so far things look good.  I have a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving.
Onto the rest of this post.  This was 2 coats of Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Flirt.  I love these polishes!  They always apply like a dream.  I would describe this shade as a deep black cherry creme.  Then I used Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Celeb City to stamp over it with a leaf design from Bundle Monster plate BM05.  In the photo below, you can see that there are some bald spots in the sunlight, but in real life, I could not see them at all.  I really think it is a great polish!  If you are looking for a fun fall shade, you might want to try this one out.  And since they are only around $2.50-$3.00, they are very budget friendly too!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

I Love This Hair

I was feeling like doing something special today with my hair.  Long story short, my dad has been fighting with liver disease for about two years now.  He has been on the liver transplant list for over a year, waiting for the transplant that he needs.  Dad has already been called in as a backup for surgery once before but didn't get the liver.  Today he was one of three people called in so we have been waiting since this morning when I woke up to find out what was going to happen.  So basically, I wanted to do something with my hair to distract myself from worrying.
I washed my hair then towel dried it.  After that, I sprayed on a bit of It's a Ten Miracle Leave In Product, sprayed in lots of Tressemme Ultra Light Shine Spray (to attempt to minimize frizz because it was raining today), and finally scrunched lots of Garnier Curl Construct Mousse into my hair.  Then I left it to air dry.  Mistake!!  It turned to frizz city because of the humidity and it would not dry.  Finally a few hours later I decided to just blow dry it the rest of the way.  That left my hair frizzy and somewhere in between wavy and straight.  Not pretty.

I decided that trying to straighten it at this point would be way too much work anyways (I usually blow dry my hair straight when I want that sort of look so the flat iron just touches up the ends) so I might as well go with curls and deal with the frizz.
I ended up trying a new strategy.  In the past, I have used my flat iron to wave my hair but I always separated it into sections horizontally.  When I straighten my hair, I do vertical sections so it takes less time.  Today I thought I would try the same thing with waving my hair.  After I finished waving it, I applied lots of Bed Head After Party, again to fight the frizz.  The new waving strategy worked even better than I could have imagined!  Not only did it take half the time, but it gave me more of the look I want.  I really wanted natural looking waves, rather than ribbon style curls.  I love this hair!  Although upon further investigation, I should have checked the back a little better because it needed some touching up.  Overall, I love the way it looks and I will definitely be trying this again soon, as I love the look of waves for fall and winter!

If you want to see how I use my flat iron to get this look, the original tutorial I filmed is below.  The only real difference is that for the look above, I sectioned my hair into one inch sections VERTICALLY, instead of dividing it in half horizontally first.  My hair isn't very thick, so this worked for me.
Update: My dad is getting the liver!  Please hope or pray (whatever your beliefs align with, I'm not here to preach) for him to accept the liver and also for the donor family who lost their loved one today.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Naked Nails

I've noticed that my nails are in pretty rough shape lately.  They've been peeling and splitting like nobody's business.  All my life I've had very healthy nails that grow very well and very quickly so this is rather odd for me.  At first I thought it might be because I was cutting them instead of filing them (even though I know better) so for the last month I have filed like a good girl... but still they split.  So I'm thinking perhaps all this nail painting and acetone is the culprit.  I decided to take a break for a little while from painting my nails.  I didn't paint them at all this week, which is fine, since I've been super busy and tired anyway and I also have a back stock of manicure photos that I need to get posted.  Additionally, today starts a nine day stretch of no work for me (big smile) so I don't feel as much like I need to look so put together.  (Sidenote: We have a full week off for Thanksgiving and I am thrilled because I feel so burnt out this year!  They keep putting more and more on the plates of teachers but no more time to get all this stuff done!  Exhausting.)

Back to the point.  Here is a picture of my naked nails, taken at the beginning of this week. They have absolutely nothing on them and have not been buffed or anything.  My nails, au naturale.  And this is even on my left hand, which looks better than my right, or dominant, hand.  My nails look so sad and stained and brittle.  I think the break will do them so good and then after Thanksgiving, I'm looking forward to some Christmas and holiday themed manis!  :D

Thursday, November 17, 2011

FOTD: Freckles

This weekend, I was having an exceptionally clear skin day compared to normal and I was really feeling like showing off my freckles (which I love)!  So I went for something really sweet and natural.  Below are the products I used.

- Cover Girl Smoothers Tinted Moisturizer in Fair to Light
- Pixi Correction Concentrate in Brightening Peach
- Physician’s Formula Healthy Wear Powder Foundation SPF 50 in Translucent Light
- Jordana FabuBrow Eyebrow Pencil in Medium Brown
- Hard Candy Blush Crush Baked Blush in Living Doll

- Too Faced Shadow Insurance
- Hard Candy Concealer Pencil in Light
- L.A. Colors Traditional Palette Eyeshadows
- Covergirl Perfect Point Plus Eyeliner Pencil in Espresso
- Wet N Wild Clinical Mascara

- Avon Glazewear Lipgloss in Apple Cinnamon

I really liked the Avon Lipgloss.  It was a sample I received from my Avon lady and I'm thinking I definitely want the full size!  I'll have to let hubby know what a great stocking stuffer that would make.  ;)

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

New video! Makeup Diet

Here it is!  My latest video on my Officially Unofficial Makeup Diet Update.

Manicure: Mercury Rising

I am a little sad that this manicure is not coming to you on Monday but I have been without cable or Internet since Monday morning.  Apparently someone (perhaps our Home Owner's Association) had flagged some areas of our yard and was doing some digging and accidentally cut the cable line.  Grr!  It finally got fixed today and I'm two days late, but back in business!

Today I have a beautiful nail polish to share with you!  This is such a gorgeous color, I didn't even want to cover it up with nail art!  Reddish brown shimmery fabulosity!!  Drool!  Anyway, this is Sinful Colors in Mercury Rising.  This was opaque in two easy coats.  The only application problem that I had was that the dry time was way too long and I ended up smudging the polish, even after it had already dried for ten minutes.  It didn't make me love the polish any less though!  And have I mentioned how much more I like the way my photos turn out with my light box?  The camera seems to have much less trouble focusing.

Sooooo shiny!  This was without topcoat and you can see that the polish has so much shiny happy goodness that my camera is reflected in the bottle and in my nails!

I think this is a beautiful color for fall and at a price point of $1.99, why not try this one out today?

Sunday, November 13, 2011

A Little Makeup Goes A Long Way

This is how my Sundays usually go: hubby watches football or plays video games while I catch up on YouTube videos and blogs I've been wanting to check out.  It is low maintenance and very relaxing and I like it that way.  So I don't usually want to spend my time fussing with my makeup for only me and my husband to see.  I still like to feel like I look nice, but more like me.  I really do believe that a little makeup goes a long way so today I decided to do a before and after.
I then put on just a few items to brighten things up a bit.  Here's what I did:

Using a makeup sponge, I applied Cover Girl Smoothers Tinted Moisturizer in Fair to Light all over the face to hydrate and even skin tone.  Next, under my eyes, I used my ring finger to pat on Pixi Correction Concentrate in Brightening Peach under my eyes to cover the dark circles.  Next, I used a small fluffy brush to set the concealer with Physician’s Formula Healthy Wear Powder Foundation SPF 50 in Translucent Light.  Then I used a large powder brush and the same powder foundation all over my face to cover any imperfections and absorb any oil.  With another fluffy large powder brush, I applied Wet N Wild Color Icon Bronzer in Everything Under the Sun to my entire face.  I swirled all the colors together for the entire face, then concentrated in the deepest shades and applied a tad more to the apples of my cheeks.  To finish off the face, I filled in some sparse areas of my eyebrows with Jordana FabuBrow Eyebrow Pencil in Medium Brown.

Lastly, to finish off the look, I lined my tightline with Covergirl Perfect Point Plus Eyeliner Pencil in Espresso.  Then I swiped a bit of Everything Under the Sun's lightest shade to the lid.  Using my e.l.f. $1.00 eyelash curler, I curled my top lashes and applied Wet N Wild Clinical Mascara on both top and bottom lashes.  Finally, I slicked on a bit of Carmex lip balm and in less than five minutes, I was done!