Sunday, October 16, 2011

This Week's Palette Challenge: e.l.f. 32

For this week's Palette Challenge, I decided on using my e.l.f. 32 Shade Everyday Basics palette.  This was a limited edition number from the start of the school year collection but the 32 shade palette for sale on right now is very similar.  I have that one as well and I can say you probably don't need both.

Today's look was fairly natural with a touch of girlishness.  I started with the shade labeled 1 on my lid.  This is a soft pink shade with a satin finish.  It's not very pigmented, so it's natural but with a subtle hint of pink.  In the crease, I applied shade 2.  This is a light mauve-lilac shade.  Again, not very pigmented, but just enough contrast without being loud.  As a highlight, I went with #3, a peachy nude shade.  Very soft and feminine!

I am really looking forward to using this palette.  The colors in here aren't as loud as in the Coastal Scents 78-palette so I think I'll try more looks using shades other than taupe, although there is also a nice mix of neutrals as well.  Maybe tomorrow I will use some of the darker shades next to 1 and 2 to make a pretty fall look.

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