Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Rue Beaute Natural Eye Kit is BACK!

Covers of the Natural Eye Kit and Natural Look
When I first discovered this dupe for the Too Faced Natural Eye Kit from Rue Beaute (sold at Rue21 stores) I blogged and made videos about it like a mad woman.  I was in love!  When I traveled for three weeks this summer, it was the only eyeshadow palette I took with me!  Then just when I learned about it and started to share about it, it disappeared from stores and I felt really bad because none of my viewers or readers could get ahold of it!  Well it's back baby!  With a new look but the same idea and shades of shadow.  Let's do a little compare and contrast with these two palettes.

As you can see in the photo above, the biggest difference is the outer cover of the palette. My original palette (the first version, pictured on the left) has a gold and brown leopard print cover with some lovely pink and green flower accents.  It's labeled "Natural Eye Kit".  The new version has a more subtle outer cover.  It's beige with brown and white flowers and says "Natural Look".  The price on both palettes is the same (Although I don't remember right now what that was!).

Inside lid of both palettes
Now let's take a look at the inside lid.  The old version is again on the left, new on the right.  The new photo of the eye is more cartoon like.  Also, the instructions are slightly different.  You can enlarge the photo if you would like to see exactly how they differ.

Inside of both palettes

Finally, we have the inside of the palettes (old on left, new on right).  While the labels and configuration of the palettes are different, the shades included look nearly identical to me.  There may be slight differences to due to different mixtures in different batches of eyeshadow, but these are essentially the exact same palette, re-released with a different look.  If you are still kicking yourself for missing out on the original palette, I would run out and pick up one of the newly packaged palettes quick - before they disappear again.  I plan on keeping this second one I purchased as a backup.  I've come to love this palette and never want to be without it!


  1. I bought this almost a year ago and I really really like it. Now I dont have to go and buy the too faced palette :)

  2. @Karen M: That was my thought too! I could save like $30!

  3. I think I actually preferred the original!!!