Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Polished My Toes: Dreamy Poppy

This pedicure was from awhile back but I never had a chance to post it with all the work I've been busy with lately.  So here it is!  Wet N Wild Wild Shine in Dreamy Poppy.  This was a very pretty pink.  It would  be a great shade for summer.  I applied two coats, which went on well and lived up to it's "shine" name but chipped on my toes in only about ten days.  That's really sad, because I used my Seche Vite Top Coat and my toes hardly ever chip, even if I don't use a top coat.  But I was okay with it because after two weeks, I was bored with this color anyway.  Nice pink for $0.99, but nothing unique.  I've heard a lot of people on the Internet say they like this pink a lot but I found it a little boring and predictable for me.

P.S.: I do have FIVE toes... don't know how I managed to miss that pinky toe.  LOL

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