Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Nail Addiction Grows

Some people who realize that they have addictions and might work towards breaking themselves of that habit, but not me!  As the Makeup Geek site says, I embrace my cosmetic addiction.  So this item is the latest addition to my nail addiction, which I am sooooo excited about!

I maintain a wish list on and one of my wishes recently dropped in price 13% so I decided to buy!  I purchased a Konad nail art starter stamping kit, which you can check out here.  I tried it out last night (the pictures aren't really worth posting) and was surprised at how easy it was!  And my sweet husband said he would be happy to stamp my right (dominant) hand for me.

The kit comes with three mini Konad special polishes, which are really just exceptionally opaque polish.  You get a white, blue, and red.  The red and blue are very primary sort of shades - think Day Care shades of blue and red.  You also get the pink stamper and scraper set and two stamping plates.

I wanted to include close-ups of the designs you get, so excuse my camera reflection in the plates.  I am not an expert on nail stamping or anything, but I believe this is Konad plate m3.  The designs are pretty basic.

Konad plate m2.  These are a little more unique.  I love the cat (I think?) on this plate!  So cute, whatever it is!  I am really excited to use these!  And I've now added several Bundle Monster packs to my Amazon Wish List, along with some accessories like the double ended stamper, as the one I got is a bit large for these tiny designs.  My birthday is on October 25th, so I've suggested to hubby that he check out my Wish List for an easy A+ birthday present for me.  I really want some of the plates with Halloween and Christmas designs on them.

Just from the playing around with these that I did last night, I figured out that you don't have to use their "special" polish.  Any very opaque polish seems to work.  Also, you don't have to use their "special" top coat.  I just let the stamp polish dry and coated it with my ever faithful Seche Vite Fast Dry Top Coat.  However, if you don't use a top coat, the polish will just rub right off!

Has anyone done nail stamping before?  I would love for some experts on nail stamping to leave me some tips in the comments section.  I'd really love to know some inexpensive polishes that work well with the stamping.  Any suggestions would be much appreciated!  :)


  1. You can check this list of nail polish that works with konad

    have fun!

  2. @ Purple in the nailz: Thanks so much!! I've been looking for something just like this!