Monday, October 10, 2011

My Palette Challenge

Plethora, overabundance, excess, heaps, mounds, mountains of eyeshadow.  I am a cosmetic glutton.  If I ever actually quantified the amount of eyeshadow I own with a number, I'm sure I would be ashamed.  This is a reality that I've come to grips with long ago.  So lately, rather than trying to buy more and add to the collection of shadows that sit and wait to be used again, I've decided to use the ones that are neglected more often.  I would say that out of all of my eyeshadows, the singles and trios get used the most.  I like singles to create my own unique looks (I have many go-to looks that I like) and trios are great for a day when I don't want to think about what I'm putting on my eyes.

With so many shadows to choose from, I realized that I have several palettes of shadow that I rarely ever use - even though I like my palettes.  For me, palettes (especially the larger ones) are something that  get pushed to the back of my makeup area and often forgotten and allowed to collect dust.  So I'm making a conscious effort to use them more for the next few weeks and I'm calling it the Palette Challenge.  A challenge because for one full week, the only eyeshadows you can use are the palette you choose.  I've already started with some smaller palettes.

The palette on the left is the L.A. Colors 12-Eyeshadow Palette in Traditional, which I love.  For a tutorial using this palette, click here.  I used this one for about a week and a half straight, using only this palette.  My only complaint is that it lacks some good shimmery shades.  The shades are mostly matte, satin, or pearl, which is a nice change from the usual drug store shimmer.  But even that got boring after about a week.

The palette on the right is the Avon 8-in-1 Eyeshadow Palette in Neutral Tones.  See here for a better look at the palette.  This palette gives a very natural look and has a mix of matte, satin, pearl, and shimmer shades.  I really liked this palette and used it for two full weeks.  My complaint with this palette is that you only get one contour shade, a medium satin brown.  And it's not even that dark.  I ended up incorporating my Cover Girl single in Brown Smoulder (dark matte brown) with nearly every look just for some contrast.  But if you have a shade that you can add like I did, this palette would be able to make some really great various looks, from natural, to smokey.

For this week, I've chosen my Coastal Scents 78 Palette.  It's less popular than the 88's but I really like that it has a lot of matte shades, as well as several blush shades.  I'm also trying to only use the blushes in this palette this week.  Some of the colors in this palette are way too bright and out there for my super pasty skin tone, but there are a lot of great neutral tones and shades that aren't so loud as well.  Here's a closeup of the case and inside of the palette.  I accidentally broke that last blush out when I first got the palette.  It was a gift for my birthday from my awesome friend Shannon and I got so excited when I opened it that (clumsy me!) I dropped it onto the floor! The only damage was that one broken out blush and a chip out of one of the green shadows.  Holds up pretty well to abuse!

This morning, I used some of the metallic rectangle shadows for a daytime smokey look.  In the row with the white, I used the third shade in from the right on my lid and the second  shade in for the crease.  I kept the highlight natural with one of the flesh toned matte shades.

What do you think; would it be hard for you to stick to one palette for a whole week or would that be simple?


  1. I think this idea is FANTASTIC!!! I think I could do this with some of my palettes. If I had to stick to a trio for one whole week, I might get really bored and end up doing the exact same look everyday. However, with a larger number of shadows, I think I could do a variety of looks and try out some shades I wouldn't have reached for normally.

    Brilliant idea that I must try this coming week!

  2. @ Lindsey: That's exactly why I did it! I hope you have fun and let me know how it goes! Any idea what palette you will use?