Wednesday, October 26, 2011

My Birthday Haul: What Hubby Got Me

I meant to post about this yesterday but I didn't have time.  Work days are always so busy for me! This is what my wonderful husband got me for my birthday.

First, let's start with the Nail Art Stamps Binder.  This is what I asked Brian to buy me for my birthday and I was allowed to open this gift early.  I wanted both the 21 piece and 25 piece Bundle Monster nail image sets.  I housed them all in a binder.  I got the idea from this awesome YouTube video!

Next, Brian also got me the double ended Konad stamper and scraper set, as I was having a lot of trouble with aiming the larger stamp that came with the kit I blogged about a few weeks ago.  I also like that the rubber stamper on the small side is green, as it makes it easier to see the polish when I use pink polish.

The set of three tubes are a set of nail art tools from Orly.  This was a Brian-original idea.  He bought a double ended dotting tool, a detailer brush, and a striper brush, all of which he picked out himself.  Along with them came the promise that he would be using them to do details on my nails!  What a sweet gift: to share my hobby with me.  I think the promise was the best gift I got this year.  <3

Underneath of the stamper are three Sally Hansen Nail Art Pens in Light Pink, Bright Blue, and Red.  These were more supplies that Brian planned to use on my nails to add details.

Next to the Nail Art Pens, we have an adorable set of three mini lip glosses from Essence.  This is a brand that Brian knows I love (especially their lipglosses!).  This is Angel's Love and Kisses set.  It comes with a clear mini gloss, a creme peachy rose gloss, and a pearly gloss with holographic glitter.  I love the texture and shades of all of these glosses!

The last item pictured are Mix Max snack cakes from Balconi.  The story behind the cakes comes from our trip to Germany this past summer.  One day while in Munich, we stopped at a grocery store to pick up some snack foods for the journey.  I decided on Mix Max, a delicious sponge cake with chocolate sauce in between and a layer of chocolate on the outside.  I thought it would be like a Swiss Roll and I was craving chocolate.  They turned out to be the most delicious snack cake I've ever eaten and ever since that day, we've looked everywhere for these Italian-made cakes.  We've scoured local World Market stores, small European businesses that import European foods, and even the Internet.  The only place we could find these delicious treats was online and the shipping was twice as much as the cakes!  Alas, I decided I couldn't splurge $12-$20 on some Little Debbie-esque chocolate cakes.  But what a wonderful and thoughtful gift to give to me!

Mmmmmm.... Mix Max!
My husband really outdid himself this year.  I would have been totally happy with just the Bundle Monster sets!  The gifts were a nice treat but I really am the most excited about having him help me with nail art and get involved in a hobby of mine.  Did I mention we spent my birthday doing mani and pedi details?  I'll be posting on that soon as well!

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