Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Manicure: How I Met Your Magenta

How I love thee Wet N Wild!  This manicure was with Fast Dry Polish in How I Met Your Magenta.  Oh how glorious this polish was to work with!  It practically applied itself.  No clean up was needed.  It dried very quickly and had no bubbling or application issues.  Three coats were used for this photo.  You can still see some visible nail line and that bothers some people (me included!) but it's just such a pretty polish that I overlooked it for the few days I had it on my nails.  I think in the future, I would use this as a layering polish over a nice hot pink in order to get a more opaque look.

You can see there is some seriously gorgeous gold shimmer in this polish.  So pretties!  The only real problem I had with this polish was that the tip wear was very bad after only about a day and a half but that could also be my Seche Vite, which has turned into a thick goop-tastic mess.  That's really frustrating because I still have half a bottle left but it's okay.  I bought a new bottle on sale at Sally Beauty Supply.  For $8.99, you get a full size Seche Vite, which comes with a bottle of China Glaze Go Go Pink (swatches later!) and a pink angel key chain.  The deal was for Breast Cancer Awareness Month and the proceeds from the purchase go to breast cancer research.  A good deal and a good cause gave me good reason to buy a new bottle of SV.  You can check out the deal HERE, while the sale is still going on this month.

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