Saturday, October 15, 2011

Last Day of 78 Palette

Today was my last day using the Coastal Scents 78 Palette before I move on to a different palette challenge.  It's a little harder than it seems to stick to just one palette for a whole week.  This palette was a little challenging because I also used only the blushes in this palette and there just wasn't much selection.  But I managed it without cheating and that's something I can take some pride in for myself.

My makeup selection for today was a very natural look.  I've been enjoying wearing very light makeup on the weekends.  It's weird, but sometimes I feel like I look younger with less makeup on my face.  Maybe because that's more like what I looked like at seventeen... no time for makeup when you're enjoying being young!  :P

I tried out the blush shade outlined in purple as a contour.  It's really just not dark or pigmented enough to contour much but it was fine for my natural look.  On the apples of my cheeks I used the dark wine colored blush in yellow again.  This shade has grown on me, as long as I use a light hand.

Next, for eyes, I placed the shimmery shade outlined in green on the lid.  I was hoping it would be skin toned but with shimmer but it was a little too dark and peachy for my skin.  Still looked nice though, just not what I hoped for.  For a little contour, I used the medium matte brown outlined in red.  As a brow highlight, I used the matte peachy shade in blue.  Finally, to highlight the inner corner, I used the white shade outlined in orange.  No shadow or liner on the bottom lashes and I just kept seeing my seventeen year old self in the mirror!  That's not a bad thing when you're just a few years away from turning thirty!  I think I like this look!

Tomorrow, I've decided on the e.l.f. 32 Shade Basics Palette.  It's almost identical to the Everyday Classics Palette that they are selling online but I like it a little bit better.  And now I see that they are selling Everyday WARM and Everyday COOL palettes online now!  Oh how I would love the warm palette!  Yet I very much don't need it, as I hardly ever use the 32 palettes I already have from e.l.f.  Maybe this Palette Challenge will help me remember to use my palettes more and then I could justify buying it.  For now, I just don't need it and I'm sticking to that at least until Christmas.   :)

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