Monday, September 12, 2011

Manicure Monday: Sew Psyched

This manicure was actually from last week... I'm currently a week behind which gives me some leeway if I skip a week.  I never planned on this Manicure Monday becoming a weekly thing but I figured if I'm painting my nails anyway, I might as well put some photos up to share.

The Essie website describes this shade as "a cashmere soft sage-pewter" but I would describe it as an Army green.  I think it's beautiful but I may be swayed by the fact that it rather matches my eyes well.  I think it's a great creamy shade for fall and the application was fantastic but that was nothing compared to how well it wore!  I painted my nails with this on Monday and it lasted until Sunday with only minimal tip wear and I didn't even add a top coat every other day like I normally would.  Fantastic!  And if you notice on my index finger, there was a pretty bad smudge where I ran my fingernail against my braces while flossing when it was still a bit tacky - but even the smudge and nick didn't get any larger throughout the week. That's amazing because I am really rough on my nails!  Can't rave about this polish enough!

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