Monday, September 5, 2011

Manicure Monday: Bubblegum Pink

I'm really not a big fan of pink nail polish.  I usually find it boring and predictable because everyone always wears pink (same applies for red).  So I'm a little surprised by how much I love this color.  It's pink but it's such a sweet pink.  Then when I realized that what I thought was a straight up creme actually had the finest of silver shimmer in it, I loved the shade even more.  This is the first Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear that I've tried and I was not disappointed.  This is three coats of pure heaven.  These photos were taken without any cleanup!  The brush is just the perfect size, shape, and stiffness for me to paint my nails without painting half my hand.  I will definitely be picking up some more from this polish line in the future!

For this first picture, I definitely recommend clicking to enlarge, as you can really see that silver shimmer in the bottle below my index finger.  Gorgeous!
Indoor lighting.

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