Saturday, August 13, 2011

Duck Hammer Computer

Does anyone else remember that old clipart of the duck in a business suit steadily poised with a raised hammer which he is about to take to a computer?  That's what I've felt like all week!  I'm not sure if I picked up a virus or what, but last Monday while perusing some fabulous nail polish blogs, I noticed my computer started freezing and crashing.  I do not believe this is at all the fault of the blog authors, just the fault of my crappy antivirus.  So after much crashing and freezing I managed to uninstall my old antivirus and install a new one.  For a few hours, my computer was back to running smoothly and I was hoping that my computer woes were over, as this was not good timing!  Tuesday was my first day back to work as a teacher after summer break and all of my lesson plans and much of my work is on my computer.  So it was, of course, the worst possible time for my computer to crash.  It couldn't have happened during the summer when I'm just using my laptop to keep me busy.  That would have been too convenient!  Grrrr!

So I managed to get a little work done and went to bed.  The next day, what do you know, my computer is back to crashing and freezing and the new antivirus can't even scan the computer without freezing!  This goes on for days with me trying to find a solution and spending hours on my computer getting nothing accomplished.  So finally, after five days of my computer making me angry beyond all belief, all I could see was that stupid angry duck in my head and I'm thinking how jealous I am that he can actually smash that computer and relieve his anger!!!  But it seems that now after uninstalling the new antivirus and installing yet another different antivirus, my computer is back to functioning normally.  For now, at least.  I'm thrilled that I was finally able to get my work done on my computer instead of borrowing hubby's.  And I'm hoping my computer will stay alive long enough to post this blog and attempt to edit a video for YouTube.  Finally, I am at peace with my computer friend again.  Today, I leave you with this mental image for all of us who deal with technology daily and know the frustration that it can cause.


  1. - "checkmark";

    1. Microsoft Security Essentials
    2. AVG Anti-virus Guard
    3. Spybot Search and Destroy
    4. MalwareBytes

    All are free, all are epic.

    (Thank you (and Win95) for the clip art. I'm going to be putting it on my business card =D)

    1. Thanks for the information! I definitely need them!