Thursday, July 14, 2011

Makeup Area Makeover: Part 3 - Pink Accents

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My next step in my makeup area makeover (now that I had storage under control) was to get my craft on and spruce things up.  I went to Hobby Lobby in search of some cheap, pretty pink accents that I could add to what I already had.  I picked up a bouquet (50% off!) of hot pink fake Gerber daisies, some cute pink ribbon and black bows, and some fun pink accents.  My thought was to take the boring, inexpensive plastic and glass containers that I already had and add some fun accents to them.

The boring stuff I already had
First I thought I would conquer the black and white container.  This was actually a pencil holder given to me by a student I had a few years ago.  Once upon a time, it held my makeup brushes but I had since found new storage for them and the cup was currently empty.  I thought I would make it into a pretty faux flower vase.  I cut up the bouquet of daisies (around $4 at Hobby Lobby) and arranged them into some floral foam.  Voila!

Nero wants to "help".
A splash of color.

Next, I took several clear plastic and glass containers and hot glued the pink ribbon onto them.  Some of them then got black bow accents or faux crystal accents.  The pink ribbon was $2.99 per roll (2 rolls) at Hobby Lobby and the black bows were $0.99 for three.  I already had the faux crystals so I'm not sure how much they run.  This was definitely addicting!  Once I saw how nice the ribbon turned out, I went in search of anything else to which I could add ribbon or crystals!  Here are some of the items I decorated and what I store in each.

Pink ribbon and clear and pink crystals were added to $1 glass votive holders in which I store Q-tips and cosmetic applicators.

More pink ribbon and a black bow adorn this plastic candle holder which stores extra makeup applicators.  I think the ribbons sort of look like a garter belt.  ;)

More pink ribbon with a black bow to hold my mascara spoolies and brow shapers.

More pink ribbon and black bow.  This container actually came with the bobby pins that are stored inside of it so it was pretty much free!  I purchased these bobby pins awhile ago from Sally Beauty Supply and they are the best bobby pins ever!

A little basket I had that I wove some ribbon through and hot glued the ends.  It holds my brush cleaner, eye makeup remover, and other small bottles.

I took a small cardboard box that was going to be recycled and cut it to the right height, then covered it in wrapping paper.  Now it holds my kabukis, lip balms, and some other random clips and small items.

With all of my loose items now stowed in cute (and pink!) containers, I was ready to put it all together!

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