Thursday, July 14, 2011

Makeup Area Makeover: Part 2 - Spice It Up

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The next step in my makeup area makeover was to spice things up a bit.  I decided that I would like to display my nail polish collection on a tiered rack.  They were previously being stored in a drawer where they were all laying sideways, banging against each other and it was impossible to find the color I wanted.  I really wanted a tiered storage rack to display them but didn't want to spend the $30 that places like Amazon charge for a tiered nail polish rack.  Again, YouTube DIY to the rescue! I saw this awesome video on how to make your own nail polish rack for cheap!  I thought it was a great idea but I wanted something a little more sturdy because I am super clumsy and I could already see myself bumping the rack and sending all my polishes flying.  I saw this three tier skid-resistant spice rack at Bed Bath and Beyond for $5.99 and decided to pick up two.  However, I know you can get the wire version shown in the video from Walmart for around $3.50.

Three tier spice rack, $5.99
But knowing that I am absurdly clumsy, I wanted even a little more protection for my items so I also purchased a shipping box from Walmart for around $0.50 to make a little home for the spice racks.  This way, the spice rack would have side and back walls.  The box was 12" X 12" X 10.5" so it wasn't quite the right size.  I just cut it into two pieces horizontally so I had two short boxes (one for each spice rack) and then cut and retaped the box to make a perfect shape to fit the spice racks.  I also made the sides angled to fit the tiered look of the spice rack.   Then I covered the boxes in some cute wrapping paper.  Here's what it looks like!

Box, front view
Box, side view
Spice rack in the box
I decided to use one for my nail polishes and the other to hold my self tanners and some decorative items.  I really like the way they turned out and you could obviously just buy the spice racks and not worry about making boxes to house them.  I also like that I have room to grow my nail polish collection if I want to, as each tier could hold two rows of polishes.

Nail polishes are easy to see now!
Super cute!
Now I can easily see all of my nail polishes and I don't have to worry about them breaking from smacking against each other.  On the other rack, I have all of my self tanning products easily displayed, as well as my two cute palettes and some stuffed animals for decoration.  I love it!  Part 2 complete!

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