Thursday, July 14, 2011

Makeup Area Makeover: Part 1 - More Space

I am never happy with my makeup area.  I'm constantly reorganizing, moving, and adjusting something about my makeup area.  I just have problems picturing in my head the way I want it to be.  Now that I am home from my travels and off of work for the summer, I have more free time to spend on such things as interior decorating.  So the other day, I was sitting at my makeup area in my bedroom, thinking to myself that I would like to make some changes but I didn't really have any inspiration.  So I turned to other beauty lovers on YouTube for help.  I scoured DIY makeup storage videos and makeup collection videos on YT for some ideas on what I could do to make my beloved space look as pretty as it makes me feel.  I already had a sort of black and white theme going on, just from some things I had received as gifts but I wanted to add in some splashes of hot pink and make it a space that was decorative, as well as utilitarian.

You may recall that earlier this year, during my week off from work after having my wisdom teeth removed, I had again reorganized my makeup collection.  However, I still wasn't happy.  I had created these dividers (YouTube how to video here!) for some of my makeup and it worked really well for my eyeshadows but the ones I had done for my blushes were really frustrating me because I couldn't see the shades very well.  I found myself not using my well loved e.l.f. Studio Blushes, simply because I couldn't see the colors.  And this is how my massive redecorating project began.

How my makeover project began
The first step was to find more room to store my makeup.  I had a small amount of space in the very corner of my makeup area where I thought I could fit a small table to add just one more set of Sterilite drawers.  But I really didn't want to purchase a new table, as they can be expensive and I'm on a fairly tight budget for summer after all my traveling.  I was headed toward my garage to try to find something I could use when I walked past a small end table that my husband and I had been storing at the top of our staircase because it no longer matched our living room furniture.  What an idiot I was!  Here was a perfectly good, FREE table that wasn't being used and fit exactly in the space I had.  Problem one solved!  And now that table is being put to good use!

My free table find!

Next, I bought one more Sterilite set of drawers (cost around $13 @ Target, less @ Walmart) so that I could spread out my blush collection and really be able to see each one well. 

The table in its new space
The only problem was that every time I opened the drawers, everything would go flying around and making a mess.  So again YouTube videos gave me the idea to use rubber shelf liner so my makeup wouldn't slide around.  Genius!  You can literally place items touching each other and nothing is going to move at all (except for things in rounded containers, like foundation).  My blushes are now organized into two drawers, by color.  Below is the peach and coral drawer.

Peachy blushes
Highlighters and bronzers
I put the shelf liner in all of my face and eye drawers and it also helps to hold things in place if you have the cardboard dividers like were shown at the top.  If you're curious, I purchased a roll of white shelf liner from Walmart for under $4.  That completed step 1 of makeup area makeover!

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