Sunday, July 24, 2011

DIY Projects: Even more info!

This video is something I really enjoyed making because arts and crafts and DIY are something that I really love to do in my spare time!  But anyone who likes arts and crafts probably knows that it can get pretty expensive!  Luckily, the materials for most of these projects can be found at your local dollar store!  Below, I'm going to give a list of materials, alternatives, and other ideas for all of the projects in my video.  Please realize that materials that most people would have, like scissors and a pen, are not included in every project since I didn't want the prices to seem higher than they really are.  Enjoy and if you have any questions, feel free to ask!

Project 1: Recycled Glass:
- empty candle jar or other jar - free!
- metal nail file - $1 at Dollar Tree
- soap! - already have (I hope!)

Alternative: Dollar Tree carries lots of shapes and sizes of glass containers for only $1!

Project 2: Ribbons and Bows:
- glass jar or container - free
- ribbon - $1 at Dollar Tree (I bought mine for $2.99 at Hobby Lobby)
- hot glue gun - $1
- rhinestones, bows, or other decorations - I bought three black bows at Hobby Lobby for $0.99

Alternative: You could use the ribbon to make your own bows that match!

Project 3: Stay in Place Drawers
- Sterilite makeup drawers - free, as most people already have them!
- rubber shelf liner - around $4.50 a roll at Walmart

Alternative: Dollar Tree sells smaller rolls of shelf liner for people who have a smaller makeup collection.  You can also use the liner to line shelves where you keep things like baskets.

Project 4: Pretty Drawers
- Cardstock - I got mine in a large pack from Michaels.  Five different patterns (all black and white) with five sheets of each pattern were $3.99.
- Tape (Optional)

Alternative: Check out this video that gave me the inspiration for this video!  You could also do the labels like hers! 

Project 5: Wrapped Boxes
- recycled boxes - free!
- wrapping or craft paper - $1 at Dollar Tree!

Alternative: You can use cardstock to make origami boxes the exact size and shape that you need!  No wrapping involved!

Project 6: Nail Polish Rack
- nail polish rack - The one I bought was $5, but you can get metal wire ones at Dollar Tree too!
- empty box - I bought mine at Walmart for around $0.50
- wrapping paper - left over from Project 5!

Alternative: Check out my inspiration video on how to make an even less expensive version!

Project 7: Recycled Cardboard
- empty boxes - free

The video from EnKoreMakeup that showed me how to do this project!

Alternative: You can adjust the size of the pattern to make organizers for eyeshadows, lipsticks, or anything else you can imagine!  Look around at EnKore's Channel, as he has several videos for different sized objects!

Project 8: Pink Bouquets
- two bouqets of pink daisies - $2 at Dollar Tree
- Papermate pens, pack of 10 - $1 at Dollar Tree
- floral tape - $1 at Dollar Tree
- glass rocks - $1 at Dollar Tree
- vase - free, thanks to Projects 1 and 2!

Alternatives: Use more than one flower for each pen if you're running low on pens!  This bouquets make a great gift for a lady!  Present the bouquet of pens in a pretty terra cotta planter that you decorated just for your friend, mother, teacher, or sister!

Project 9: Makeup Photos
- old magazines or catalogs - free
- cardstock - left over from Project 4
- stencils - $1 from Dollar Tree

Alternatives: Instead of cutting out your own frames, you can buy miniature frames from the Dollar Store and cut the pictures to fit the frame.

Project 10: Girly Garbage
- garbage can - $1 from Dollar Tree
- rhinestones or other decorations - $1 from Dollar Tree
- hot glue gun - $1

Alternatives: You could use fabric paint to decorate instead of rhinestones.  Simply draw on your design!  You could do your name, write I love makeup, or anything you want!  Or you could use rhinestones and fabric paint for a really fancy can!

Finally, some photos of how my makeup area looks!

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