Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Shoe Lust

I was window shopping at Saks Fifth Avenue (because there's no way I could afford to buy anything there) and saw these shoes.  Instant shoe lust!  I could never afford these on my teacher salary but I thought they were blog worthy!

I may be a beauty fanatic but I'm also a Tomboy at heart and to me, this shoe is the embodiment of femininity meeting masculinity.  You have a high wedge cork heel creating this feminine foundation.  Then the army green canvas top keeps it from being super girly.

On the front is a camouflage flower.  I love the mix of a masculine print in a feminine shape.  However, the peep toe keeps it from being too militaristic.  I will dream about this shoe at night!  Do they make drugstore dupes of high end shoes???

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