Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Target Organization Ideas

Lately, I've been on a real organization kick, especially when it comes to my makeup and it seems like a lot of others out there have the same struggle.  I thought I would share some ideas I had with you.  I was at Target the other day, looking for a basket, and I saw some cool items that would make great makeup organizers for a decent price.  Sorry the pictures are so small, but I took them with my cheapo cell phone!

This is a small counter top makeup organizer.  It is clear acrylic, sold in the bathroom organization section of Target.  As you see, the price when I took this photo was $8.09.

This is a tiny (see compared to my hand) set of 3 clear acrylic drawers, also sold in the bathroom storage section, for $8.99.

This set of three shelves is my favorite.  The small black shelves are removable and  have slats for items to dry if necessary.  It also has a handle at the top.  Also sold in bathroom storage area for $11.69.

Just some fun out of the box makeup storage ideas for you!!

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