Sunday, May 15, 2011

My First False Eyelashes

I have always wanted to try false eyelashes but I always thought since my eyelashes are naturally long anyway, it wouldn't make much of a difference.  And to be honest, even as a "makeup guru" I thought there would be no way I had the skill to actually get them to look good.  Then one of my friends told me that she had tried it and it was really not much harder than putting on eyeliner.  As I can totally handle eyeliner, I thought I would finally give it a try, at least to make my lashes look thicker, if not longer.  I had a fun occassion that would be suitable for a natural set (my best friend's son's second birthday party) so I bought some lash glue and a couple of sets of natural lashes.

I decided to use the pair on the right, which are the Andrea Accents Human Hair Lashes in #301 Black.  They are basically a half strip that is longer on the outer edge and tapers down to a shorter length on the inside.  I thought they would just give me a nice curled thick look on the outer corner.  I am in love!!!  I ended up going to Sally Beauty Supply after the party and getting several more sets of lashes, including a few more pairs of the Andrea #301 and a pair of Andrea #53, which is a full strip of natural lashes.  The Revlon ones you see in this photo are called "Flirty".

It took me several tries to get them to stick on and get them placed exactly how I wanted them, but it wasn't hard at all and at the end of the night, they came right off after soaking some eyemakeup remover over them.  Here's the picture of me with the lashes on.  Like I said, they aren't super dramatic, but I think they look really pretty!

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