Monday, May 23, 2011

Eyeshadow Love

I feel so blessed as a woman to gain so much happiness from something as simple as makeup.  So here is an eyeshadow I recently fell in love with because it makes me happy!!

It is this beautiful shimmery lavendar-silver shade and the even better news is that it only costs $1 for the palette!!  It's the L.A. Colors Palette in Glamorous.  I purchased this palette at Dollar Tree and it's not only inexpensive, but also cruelty-free!

Below you will see a few close up photos of the palette and the particular shade I'm really crazy about right now.

The shade I'm talking about is in the top left corner.

Another shot of the entire palette.
There are lots of lovely shades in this palette, but when I used this particular shade (top left corner) this morning as my lid shade, I just fell in love with its shimmeriness.  It is such a perfect mix of silver and lavendar and it's rather different from anything else in my collection.

Close up of the shade.
Below I've taken several different pictures of the swatches (both without and with primer) on my hand.  I tried to capture the shadow in several different lights so you could see how it looks in different lighting scenarios.  It really catches the light nicely.  The primer I used in all photos was Too Faced Shadow Insurance.

 For the look I did today (not pictured), I placed this shade on the lid, a deep shimmery brown in the crease, and the white shade in the palette as a highlight.  I love the way it turned out.

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