Sunday, May 1, 2011

Blush Reorganization!


As I was about dying of boredom from being cooped up in the house for the past week, confined to my couch, I decided last night I was going to muster up the strength to go and "play" (as I call it) with my makeup.  As I was looking through my collection, swatching, trying different combinations, and all those things we makeup addicts like to do, I found two products that I love that I had completely forgotten about!  That's when I realized that my makeup organization needs a serious makeover.  As I looked through drawers crammed full of eyeliner, lipglosses, and blushes, I became determined that my project for next weekend would be to reorganize!  But as I am the world's most impatient woman, I was now determined to start today.  I watched some makeup organization videos on YouTube and stumbled across this one from EnKoreMakeup (who is wonderful!) on DIY blush organization.  Right up my alley!  I tried it out exactly as EnKore laid out in the video and it worked perfectly so then I used the same idea and altered the sizes a little bit to fit my e.l.f. Studio Blushes.  I am hoping it will be more user-friendly and easier to access the things I want.  I think it looks great!  What do you think??



  1. Looks great!

    Sweet As Honey