Saturday, April 30, 2011

Sally Hansen Salon Airbrush Legs Review

Last weekend I had a barbeque to attend at a friend's house.  As I live in Florida, the weather was calling for a sunny 85 degree (Fahrenheit) day.  I was thinking that was waaaay too hot for me to wear jeans outside but I didn't really want to wear capris with my BLINDINGLY white legs.  Don't get me wrong; I love my fair porcelain skin.  I have never gone tanning, and never will.  To me (not judging anyone who does love to tan!) it is pointless for me to purposely hurt my skin just to change the shade.  And I don't turn tan anyway... I burn then peel and turn back to pasty white!  But I thought rather than blinding the world with the sun reflecting off of my legs, I would give the Sally Hansen Salon Airbrush Legs a try.  This is considered "leg makeup" and what that means is that you spray it on and wash it off in the shower.  It is still water resistant, but it works instantly, unlike a tanning lotion that would have to cure first.  And since I am impatient and was out of time anyway, I thought instant sounded great.

I purchased this product in the shade Light Glow, which is for fair skin tones.  I have to be honest: I wasn't expecting much but I was really impressed!  It dries quickly, but you still have plenty of time to blend it in.  It did not look orange AT ALL but rather just gave me a slight shimmer and a bit of color.  It was just enough to still look natural on me, but add enough color so that my legs seemed to match the rest of me better.  And even after spilling a full cup of water on myself, (clumsy!!) the color did not come off.  In all, I was really impressed with the color, blendability, and staying power of this product.  I will definitely be keeping this close by for the approaching summer months.  The only real drawback was that it cost around $11 or $12 at Walmart, although I'm quite sure that is still less than a tanning package.  If you're looking for a quick way to add some color to your legs (the ever-present summer wedding season?) this is a great product!

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