Friday, March 18, 2011

Starvation Frustration

Teacher Planning Day!  No students today!

I woke up this morning with a dry mouth and an empty belly.  My braces were stuck to the inside of my top lip so I used my tongue to peel them off.  Ow!  Some skin came with them.  :(  And I had a POUNDING headache.  (Not sure if it's from the braces or not.)  It was so tempting to stay in bed!  Alas, I had to get up.  As my stomach growled, I realized I didn't really have anything to grab for breakfast that I could easily eat so I ended up eating a yogurt.  I didn't grab anything to bring with me to work, which was a serious mistake.  And even drying my face off after washing it hurt!  Boo.  I took some excedrin for the headache and tooth pain.  The headache went away, but not the pain in my mouth.

I got to work and headed up to the main office to show my boss my new smile.  She (along with several other people) said it's really not noticeable unless you are really close to me.  I saw lots of people throughout the day and most of them didn't notice until I said something.  Nice!  I had a full conversation with the head custodian and he never did notice.  Wonder how long it will take him to figure it out.  He had the fire extinguisher inspector with him, so I didn't bring it up.

I called the ortho and they said to come in at 12:20 and have that ligature fixed.  So I guess I'm only working half the day.  I spent most of the morning trying to get wax to stick to the hook on the back right side.  It was digging into my cheek but the wax kept sliding off.  I guess my teeth are too wet.  The bad thing is, it doesn't slide off in one nice chunk, but rather falls apart in my mouth so all day long I'm spitting out little bits of wax.  I feel like I've been chewing on candlesticks.

I spent the rest of the morning back and forth on the phone with the ortho, dentist, oral surgeon, dentist again, surgeon again, etc.  Tuesday is my oral surgeon consultation to remove the wisdom teeth and primary canines. 

When I get to the ortho's office, the assisstant says I could have let the missing ligature go without being replaced, as long as several ligatures aren't missing.  Wish I had known that cause it hurt like HELL when she replaced it!!  Rather like someone punched me in the already bruised mouth.  I thought my mouth hurt before!!  Instant pain, but luckily it subsided in about 30 minutes.

I have had nothing to eat all day but that yogurt and a sugar free Jello that I happened to have in my fridge at work so on the way back from the ortho, I stopped at the grocery store and picked up pudding, jello, and MASHED POTATOES!!!  I pigged out on mashed potatoes and for the first time in 24 hours, I now feel slightly full!  Relief at last from my starvation frustration.  Now I have to go wax my hook again.  Argh, this stinks.  How long till these suckers come off????  Something like 729 days, if I'm lucky.

Dear Mashed Potatoes: I love you!!

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