Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Countdown to Adult Braces: 9 Days

BEFORE photo: No photoshopping or editing

Edited with Microsoft Paint.  I wonder what the real after photo will look like?

Tooth Thoughts of the Day:
     One of the girls that I work with needs braces as well.  She is getting them the same week that I am... probably one day after me!  It's so nice to not feel alone in this.  We were talking today about our upcoming fittings and so on and she mentioned that she had three separate appointments before her braces would be placed.  I am only scheduled for two.  (We've both already had our first appointment.)  She said hers were 1. the consultation 2. records and billing and 3. braces applied.  I got a little scared when she told me her ortho doesn't do records and applying the braces on the same day.  I got to thinking, 'What if mine doesn't either and I just got so anxious at the consultation that I thought they said that?'  I could be waiting a whole extra week before the braces go on!!  Ack!!  So I called my ortho to check.  They said that's how they usually do it, but since I am an adult (and I assume therefore have more patience?) they would do 1. the consultation (check!) and 2. the records and placing appliances in one appointment (March 17th).

I also wonder at what point will they know whether those adult teeth will come down or not?  How long will it take to know?  Do we have to try first and see or can they just do x-rays to tell?  I have too much time to think!  Any answers from someone who had the same thing done??
I think I'm just so anxious that I'm thinking of all these problems in my head that don't really exist at all.  To calm myself down, I tried to find some funny poems about braces.  Sadly, I had a hard time finding much but I did enjoy these two!

This one is about the social stigma that goes with braces: A Braces Poem

This one is about getting food stuck in your braces: The Battle of the Braces

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